Starting the Week Off Right!

2013 was a rough year.  One of the worst of my life.  We had issues with employment, with shelter, with health.  The only bad thing that didn't happen was a death because most likely it would have been mine!  After a doctor visit during my recovery I stopped off at an LYS and bought myself some ME yarn.  Not for the kids, not for extended family, not even for stash.  It was for ME!  February 1st I cast on and today I finished them off.

They are my Good Riddance to 2013!  Socks. 

And they only took me half way thru 2014 to finish them off! 

Sounds about right. 

Yarn is Alegria by Manos del Uruguay in Carnival.  I'm in love with the colors.  Very bright and cheerful, which is exactly what I needed after the past year.

Cast on 2/1/14 and cast off 6/30/14 using a basic vanilla sock recipe.  I think I started using Yarn Harlot's version and switched over to the one on the ball band of Colinette.  I make my own mods (3x1 ribbing) but like to refer to the basic numbers.

I cast on another pair in May, the second skein I bought that day.  Yep, they are for me as well.  And since I have been working them in tandem, I am almost done with one sock already!!  No picture, that will come when it is finished.  I am also casting on for some niece and nephew socks as well.  Small socks usually go pretty quick.  Lets hope they get them by Oct.


Linda said…
Congrats on the great sock finish Lynn. I am in love with that yarn color. It would make a neat afghan.

Linda said…
Beautiful! What a way to say goodbye to a bad year....lots of vibrant color. Hope this year is going as beautiful as the socks. Wishing you well!
Sandra Knapp said…
I agree, after last year, you deserved a pair of "Me" socks, and I love them. Absolutely beautiful, and they look like a party happening. Great color choice!!! :)
kathy b said…
Hooray …you should celebrate the finish and be happy when you wear them

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