The Culling of the Field

One definition of culling is to gather or pick out and set aside as inferior, and there has been quite a bit of that lately.

Example 1:  a friend of mine is having that graduation party and we are going thru pictures for a video (I mentioned this in my last post), culling down 75-80 pics down to 20 pics for the year.  This is a hard thing to do, especially when you can FEEL the emotional hits as I toss pics to the side that didn't make the cut.

Example 2:  after I finished that hat (also mentioned in my last post) I started to look at what I had going on.  I decided that the Castle Mystery KAL was not going to happen and neither was a dish towel I was working on.  They have been culled from my notebooks, both virtual (Ravelry) and physical (actual notebook with paper and pen).  I have yet to rip them out, but mentally they have been weeded from the herd.

Example 3:  the garden.  I went to Lowes last week and checked out their clearance section and to ask about my tomatoes. 

not bad for $20!

This morning I attacked with abandonment!  Petunias, gone.  Tomato plant #3 & #4, GONE.  The petunias were getting thin and leggy and while the tomato plants were still alive, the blooms never got to fruit.  They are now in a pile at the end of the property. 

Tomato plants #1 & #2 are doing well.  I have abt 20 tomatoes on plant #1

and around 10 on plant #2. 

We had some major rains for three days last week which means my tomatoes cracked again,

but I've eaten the cracked ones and while they aren't store bought pretty, they sure are home grown tasty!!  I even cut up one that was cracked on top and kind of rotted out on the bottom.  Cut off the offending parts and OH YUM! 

This is what the back looks like now. 

SOO hard to capture green against green!!

I've added marigolds to the black planter now and added some pepper plants in the middle (they are from a woman the IO works with). 

They are a bit small,

but at this point it's sink or swim at Casa del Rio.  Tomorrow I put one more plant into the ground and that it the end of that for the season.  It's getting too hot to work outside past 10AM and I wont be waking up early for awhile since the last day of school it tomorrow!  Instead I will be planning my square foot garden to start in September.

Meanwhile I will enjoy the hot weather flowers enjoying the hot weather!


Have you been feeling the need to cull the weeds out lately???


Linda said…
Your flowers look great Lynn. I have a really hard time throwing stuff away. I did however, toss to cross stitch starts away last year.

kathy b said…
I never get tomatoes without cracky tops. I even buy them at the Farmers Market that way. So no worries.

My roses are ready to burst open. I bought some moss roses and I'm determined that I can grow what everyone else has no trouble with. Ive been warned I overwater
Anonymous said…
Weeding is a constant around here. Neighbors on both sides of me have weedy yards. So, guess who else gets weeds? Yep --- THIS GIRL

So, this afternoon it was mow, weed ......and this is how it will be ALL summer. :-(
Sandra Knapp said…
During Summer, I am always feeling the urge to weed. I just am not physically able to do it anymore, but I sure wish I could.

Your shorter tomato plant seems to have filled out quite a bit, and is looking much better. Thicker and more lush. I'm really glad you continue to harvest fresh fruits from them. And those cracks mean nothing. My tomatoes do that too, at times, and I eat them right along with all the rest. They all taste the same. Delicious! :)

Jane said…
Metaphorical ones, for sure. Gardening for real I leave to the husband. Very nice work on yours, though.

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