The Older They Get.....

I used to have a rule, no activities scheduled the week after school ends.  I need the break and quiet after the craziness of end of year activities.  Apparently I can no longer enforce that. 

Last day of school:

If you want to see what they looked like the first day of school, go here.  What a difference a few months make!!

Graduation party:

Beginning of Summer party: 

You can't really tell in the graduation party pics, but the theme was fishing/camping and on the table were mason jars filled with goldfish.  They were meant to be taken home as party favors.  I told the kids they could take home a jar each (total of 4 fish).  I ended up with 14 fish.  There was NO way I was going to keep 14 fish and told the kids (after checking out aquariums at 3 local pet stores) that they would be released into the wild.  The IO had a different idea.

See anything different?

He built a pond to put the fish in.  While I wasn't happy abt the expense, it has made Baby Girl and the IO very happy.  This is a plus.  The bigger plus??  It's NOT my project. 

We've been having crazy storms here lately, MAJOR wind and rain, some small hail at times and thunderbolt and lightening (very very frightening!) which have been occurring on a daily basis. 

afternoon sky with storms rolling in

evening sky with calm billowy clouds

It's been doing wonders for the plants, they were frying under hot afternoon temps.  The torrential downpours have not only been watering my plants but cooling us down a bit as well. 

What am I doing now?  Getting ready to hit the road to visit NC family.  This means cleaning out the car of the party remnants and school backpacks, packing and making sure I have a couple of knitting projects.  I also have some (as in 12) books that I've checked out of the library. We also plan on doing some geocaching along the way which *should* be fun.  IF I can, I'll blog along the way, but not sure if/when I'll have time.  Nothing like planning an action packed vacation after an action packed school year.

What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment.  I'll sleep when I'm dead, which might be sooner than later if I keep this up!!


Sandra Knapp said…
It's rained here, every day this week, but without the thunder and lightning and hail, and although I'm thoroughly sick and tired of the rain, I guess I should be thankful it was not any worse than it was. I'm happy to see you weathered your storms and are a-OK right now.

The kids really did change over the course of the school year. They are growing really fast these days.

I would tell the IO to keep a good eye on those goldfish. If any of your cats are anything like mine, they won't be in that pool for long. I had one cat that went fishing daily, down in our pond, and would leave cat-fish heads on my doorstep to show me how good she was at fishing. LOL Good luck! :)
Linda said…
Big change in the kids Lynn. Looks like they had fun. Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said…
Safe travels! :-)
kathy b said…
but summer has that easy feel even with plans. I love storms. I read STORM KINGS that zach bought me for Mother's dAY
Angie said…
Kids definitely keep you busy. I have three and there is never a dull moment around here!

Safe travels to NC- Hope you all have a blast.

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