A new member of the family

So I'm back at work, trying to get a schedule down (which will be hard until the kids are back in school), running to Tampa TWICE (abt a 2hr drive one way), and just trying to keep up with all that I have already so the plan is to simplify.


HA!!!  I laugh in your general direction!  Last Monday when I picked Baby Girl  up from theatre camp I got bamboozled into this.....

Let me introduce you to Theo, the theatre kitty.

He was dumped over a 6' fence of a theatre mom who can't keep him because she has 2 dogs and a 20lb cat that wants nothing to do with a small kitten other than to make it an appetizer. 

She brought it to the theatre and we brought him home.

He is adorable and everybody loves him. 

We took him to the vet on Tues (I wont even discuss how long we were there waiting, but it was HOURS) and we found out he is in great shape for being a stray. 

No ear mites, no worms, no major dirt.  He did have some fleas but we took care of that. 

Everybody else is getting used to him.  Hemi and Theo seem to be forming a special bond (I can see a boys club starting) and last night Theo tried to snuggle with Hemi.  Hemi's not ready for that yet, and Theo looked SO sad, but today Hemi went up to Theo and they sniffed noses.

Princess will tolerate him (like she does the rest of the cats) but she's avoiding Baby Girl.  Lucy wants nothing to do with him and has found a hiding spot in the house.  I have little pity for Lucy since she is the one that chased Tiger away.  She'll just have to adjust. 

Why doesn't Hemi want to snuggle??

Thursday was our first trip to Tampa to visit a friend of #1 Son's.

We left after work and met them at a mall.  She was visiting her grandmother in Naples and we decided to meet half way (Tampa).  What moms wont do for their kids.

Friday I took off from work (I'm there less than 2 weeks and I'm already taking days off, but that goes under the flex time I requested when I started) and went with a friend of mine and her daughter and #1 Son back to Tampa for an outdoor concert called Warped Tour. 

Its an all day outdoor concert of abt 20-30 bands that play on 4 different stages. 

Definitely an interesting day.  Saw lots of strange people, there was mud everywhere (almost fell  into some when my flipflop got stuck) and it was HOT! 

But the kids had a blast and we stayed until security told us to go home.  Our cool cred just rose by a LOT!!

Meet Jason.  He has his own YouTube channel and is quite popular.  I call him Cotton Candy Head.

Yesterday was sleeping in but by noon we were out shopping for Baby Girl.  She needed a few things for theatre and of course we ended up getting things for school (which starts in 3 weeks).

Today is a band meeting and tomorrow starts band camp.  It's the week where both kids' activities overlap.  This is where #1 Son's Band camp overlaps Baby Girl's theatre camp and I'll be driving back and forth while working.  Plus Baby Girl has her performances this week AND I'm helping out by making cookies and volunteering as an usher.  (she is there on scholarship and parents are STRONGLY encouraged to volunteer if they want the scholarship in the future.)  My coffee pot will be humming this week!!

There is no rest for the weary.  I am going to try and add some more posts that will pop up thruout the week so I'm not totally radio silent.

And I've decided I need to invest in Starbucks because at the rate I'm drinking this stuff I should be getting some return!!

So what's new and exciting in your life???


Linda said…
Theo is adorable Lynn and so tiny. But, don't forget my Hemi pics. Looks like you had a fun day out. I finished the Stable and posted pics on my blog.

Chris said…
Welcome, Theo!
kathy b said…
well not a kitty rescue! YOU are wonderful !! Catnip for everyone

what's new here? Not much. Beautiful weather and knitting time before too many shift this week at work ….ah no rest and I Feel your pain
kathy b said…
Oh and I think you better change the blog name To A DULLMOMENT
or there may never be one
kathy b said…
Oh and I think you better change the blog name To A DULLMOMENT
or there may never be one
Susan said…
What a cutie! Congrats on the new member of the family!
Sandra Knapp said…
So I'm not the only sucker for abandoned kittens? I have 2 new kittens myself now, that were dumped near my home (see my blog). Both are girls, and making themselves to home here. It took me at least 6 weeks to get them into the house, but they are both spayed now, wormed, de-flead and all their shots.

Best of luck with your Theo, and adjusting to the new work load too. A new job and a new kitten, that's quite a load to handle at first. LOL

Glad you all had such a nice time at the music event. :)
Anonymous said…
Looks like Theo is one chill kitty. Congrats on the new family member.
Angie said…
I got suckered in to keeping 2 small kittens. Someone thought it would be nice to drop them off in my yard. How could I tell my kids no, you can't keep them. Needless to say they are asleep in my house as I type this!

You are a rocking mom. That concert just put you on the cool mom list!!

Your week sounds super busy. Wishing you luck friend. I know how busy weeks are!!
Theo, welcome!

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