A swatch of sorts

Now that I only have one pair of socks on the needles, I wanted to cast on a pair for my nieces and nephews.  I dug thru my sock bin (actually I dumped it out right when #1 Son walked in.  He seemed a bit surprised as to how much a 60gal Rubbermaid bin can hold) and I found two yarns I want to use.  One is a Malabrigo for my 6 y/o niece and the other yarn is a mystery yarn.  I bought it almost 10 years ago on eBay and it came from an independent dyer.  No yarn ball or color name, just some nice yarn to make some socks.  The only problem is that I had no idea what kind of wool it was.  Superwash?  Wool/nylon blend??  100% Wool????  I knew I had to test it to see what it would do when washed.  I also wanted to check what needle size I would need since it seemed more of a sport weight than a fingering.

This would mean I would have to make a (gasp) swatch.  I NEVER swatch!!!  Neither did my mom. (so I'll blame her!)  Whenever she made sweaters, she would check her gauge as she went along.  If the gauge was off, then she would rip it out and start over.  I guess there were no worries abt what happened when it got wet because I don't ever remember there being a problem. 

However I was knitting for a kid whose mom would definitely wash them in the machine and possibly dry them in the dryer.  I had to be sure they wouldn't felt.  So I made a swatch. 

Sort of.

It's ridiculously small, but it did the job!  AND it didn't felt!!  So I know its a go to start a pair for my nephew.  He requested purple and pink socks and I think these will make him very happy!!  I hope to cast on before the wknd.

Come back tomorrow (ok later today since it's already 1am) when I share some pics of my tomato plants.  How these guys are still producing fruit I have NO idea!!


Linda said…
Someday I need to learn how to knit socks.

Linda said…
Love the colors in the yarn! I'm with you, Lynn....I never swatch. Never. If the size isn't right, it gets ripped or given to someone of that size. Life is too short for swatching! Hope your nephew enjoys the new socks. Have a great holiday weekend!
kathy b said…
Hooray for no shrinkage. :)
I'll be back
Sandra Knapp said…
Congratulations on the swatch. Glad it's going to work for you.

That sexy mouse of yours caught my eye too. Ooh la la!! Looking forward to seeing your tomato plants. Mine probably look like seedlings in comparison. LOL
Anonymous said…
I never swatch either. Not sure who I can blame for that one. Maybe my Aunt Shirley. She taught me to knit, but she never mentioned that swatching thing. LOL

Good luck with the new socks.

You know you can stuff more into a Rubbermaid if you are willing to put something heavy on the lid. Ask me how I know!!!

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