Life is a Cabaret

Last summer Baby Girl really REALLY REALLY wanted to do theatre camp, but since it was the year from hell there was no way I could swing it.  Then I learned they had scholarship programs.  I applied and we only had to pay a 1/3 of what would normally be the tuition.  This has been a WONDERFUL thing!! 

She is having a blast and will be performing Aladdin Jr this coming Thursday - Sunday.  What is cool abt summer theatre camp as opposed to normal theatre during the rest of the year is they get add'l classes; tap, backstage instruction, theatre makeup.  Baby Girl does NOT like tapping, but she DOES like theatre makeup.  It's been something she's been interested in since she was three and she loves the creativity that comes with theatre makeup. 

The first time they had this class she walked out like this.

At first I thought she fell off the stage (this is a big worry of mine since she's a bit clutzy), but then I remembered the class and I realized it was makeup. 

The second time she looked like this.

It was monster day and she decided to go for a zombie look.  Her friends thought she was a vampire due  to the white makeup, but I thought she looked like a diseased homeless person.

The last one I didn't get a shot of, but think Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. 

And yes SHE did this to herself, nobody did it for her.  I think she did a great job and has a talent for this.  With Orlando so close by she could easily get a job for any of the shows in the theme parks or performing arts

She is part of the ensemble of the musical, but she does have parts where she comes out and fan girls over the princes vying for Jasmine's hand in marriage and she sings with two other girls so it's a semi-solo.  She really wanted an actual character, but she is really happy that she got a lot of extra parts to play.  She's on stage for most of the performance and is having a ton of fun.  She REALLY wants to continue this when school starts but I told her no.  Between school work and band, there is no way she'll be able to do it all.  Well she probably could, but it would stress her out and I know the enjoyment level would go from having a ton of fun to obligation status.  I *MAY* have her participate in Grease Jr in Jan when it's not as hectic with band but I haven't decided yet. She has no idea I'm considering it or else I would never hear the end of it.

Being a mom = making the hard decisions.


Linda said…
Your daughter did a fantastic job with the make up Lynn. I thought it was real.

Sandra Knapp said…
OK, I have to admit, when I first saw that photo of Baby Girl bloodied and bruised, I thought, Oh no! She's had a nasty accident!! So I was thrilled to read it was only make-up, and she is definitely good at it! Both photos show a very skilled make-up job. Good for her.
Anonymous said…
Yeah really is and sometimes you just don't get to be the most popular person in the house. :-( But, in the end.... you know you are right even if they don't.

Looks like she has a real talent in the makeup department. But, then we knew that pretty early on, didn't we. LOL
kathy b said…
Great idea to go for the scholarship. She IS talented with make up!! Geez. Great outlet. Good to support her passion!
stitcherw said…
Wow, she did a fantastic job, the make-up looks incredible. Glad she was able to go, looks like she's having a ball. Theo is so cute too, what a tiny little guy. Glad to hear he's fitting in, even if Hemi won't cuddle yet, LOL, he'll come around :)

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