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Outside my window... hot.  we've been getting rain pretty much every day, but it's not the cooling rain you get up north.  It's the steamy rain that can make it feel even worse.  Right now it's 88 but feels like it's at least 100.  My phone says the realfeel is 104.  I am in my room with the drapes drawn.

I am thinking... I need to motivate myself to get more accomplished.  However the heat really zaps any energy I have and makes getting going a hard task.

I am thankful... for central air.  I will be thankful for that for most of the summer.

In the kitchen... I made some banana muffins with some questionable bananas.  They didn't make us sick but they were definitely OFF. 

I am wearing... tan shorts and a purple tee.

I am creating... I have started my nephew's socks and so far so good.  They are striping more than I thought, kind of spiraling down the leg as they stripe, but you don't notice that unless you follow the stripe.   The other sock has sort of stopped mid foot.

I am going... to update my resume.  It's really sad looking.  I've been home  with the kids for so many years that most of my job experience is OLD, but I do have skills that can be utilized.  Part of the problem is that I really don't want to go back to work and magically hope that all the bills will be paid and I wont have to worry.  Then I get the mail.  Or band fees loom.  Or my son eats almost a pound of ham for lunch leaving little for the rest of us.

I am wondering... how long it would take me to learn quickbooks.  I've been seeing lots of opportunities to work from home using that skill. 
I am reading... Castle and The Mentalist fanfiction.  It's not a book, but it's perfect for late night reading.

I am hoping... that one of the side projects that the IO is working on will break.  He's got plans to turn some of his ideas into reality.  If he stays focused on it, I think he could do it.

I am looking forward to... cooler weather (is it too soon to be saying this??)

I am hearing.... the bathroom fan.  That's it.  Baby Girl is in Theatre Camp and #1 Son is still asleep.

Around the house... ~sigh~ not much.  I blame the heat.

I am pondering... that even though money is tight, I still have a roof over my head, electricity, water and food.  We could be SO much worse off.....

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's Corner...
the collage of Hemi that #1 Son made for my phone

A few plans for the rest of the week: We are already starting band booster meetings (apparently the high school has them all year long) and there is another car wash scheduled for this Saturday. 

A peek into my day...we've been trying to geocache some in the afternoon but it has been SO hot.  Plus the sun is really bright and I have a hard time reading coordinates on my phone.  I think we need to wait until 6 or 7pm to try it again. 
There you go!  Not as detailed as I usually get, but I really need to tackle something of importance today.  And I think the heat is starting to affect my brain.   Here is your link to follow if you want to play.


kathy b said…
that heat sounds worse than a nightmare..UGH.

I think you have many skills. The right job could be fun and rewarding. :)
Anonymous said…
Love the Hemi collage. Billy did a great job on that.

Maybe something will come through with Bill's stuff and you won't have to go to work. It's so hard to fit all the kid stuff and work stuff, but if anyone can do it --- YOU can.
Sandra Knapp said…
We had one heck of a storm last night. We even had a tornado warning for about an hour, which was an absolute first for me, in all of my 72 years. So I had to go out on the porch and watch for it. LOL Obviously it never happened, thank goodness. I hope my tomato plants are still standing, because they sure took a good pounding with the wind and rain last night.

Hope you see some relief from your heat soon.

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