Thursday in the Garden

sad isn't it??
It's been hot here in Central Florida and by this time of year, whatever I've planted back in March or April is usually dead.  However there have been a few surprises.

tomato plant #1
The top tomatoes are rotted out.  I've got bugs eating them up.  However there are a few that have been spared....

Tomato plant #2 looks even worse.

It's all stems!!!  Apparently the same bugs are on this plant as well

However there are a few branches that have dropped down to the ground and I see this.

It's living among the weeds

AND part of it has started pushing up toward the sun with new leaves!  I see some blooms trying to progress, but I haven't been watering them so its not working.  I have incentive to water it tomorrow!  If a plant is trying this hard to survive, I can at least water it and brush the bugs off.

I truly don't know how they are still alive.  Esp when this is the temp at 9:43am!

ignore the time in the pic, I never reset it.

And on a side note, I tried a new recipe yesterday that was REALLY good!  It's Oven BBQ Chicken by The Pioneer Woman.  (yes even though it's hot I still use my oven)  I've made her Peach Whiskey BBQ Chicken before and while I loved that, this is better!!  The changes I made were more omissions than anything else.  I used boneless and skinless thighs (she used skin on and bone in), I didn't add anything to my BBQ sauce (and when it's Sweet Baby Ray's you don't need to!), but I did baste it like she did.  O. M. G.!!!  REALLY good chicken!  I added some Rice A Roni and corn and it was a yummy dinner.  Not the healthiest but SO good!  She paired hers with a Kale Pasta Salad which I will try the next time around. 


Sandra Knapp said…
OMG! Those poor plants, and I have to agree. Any plant struggling that hard to survive, deserves a good watering, every single day!! Here it is making sweet fruits for you, and you ignore it. Shame on your. Boy did you get lucky with those plants. LOL

I have to agree with you on Sweet Baby Ray's sauce. Nothing I could think of would make it taste better than it already does. It's my first choice always! :)

Anonymous said…
I have never had any luck with tomatoes. Either the bugs, the deer, or blossom end rot get them every time.

Our peppers are hanging in there. The plants don't seem to mind the heat like tomatoes do.

Have a great weekend.
Linda said…
Any plant that wants to grow should get some water Lynn. Last time we had a tomato plant, we had several huge tomato's just starting to turn red. When out one morning to water and there were none. Hope the deer liked them.

Lifesastitch said…
Reading that recipe I can smell that chicken baking. Yumm.

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