Weighing the Pros and Cons

As I've mentioned before, I've been trying to find a way to make some extra money.  I've looked online, I've looked in the paper (NOBODY posts in the paper anymore!) and I've contacted my old employers to see if there was anything available.

Thursday around 3pm, one of my old employers contacted me back telling me there wasn't any admin jobs available, but things were constantly changing and they would let me know if anything opened up.  An hour later he wanted to know if I could come in to talk the next day. 

I started yesterday.

So YEAH I found a job!!! but now I have to go to work.

I have had a lot of mixed emotions about going back into the workforce.  Am I capable?  Yes.  Do I want to be tied down to a specific schedule?  Not really, but legitimate work-at-home jobs are hard to come by.

I made a mental list of pros and cons to mentally work my way thru this.

Pro:  there will be more money during the week to alleviate some of the stress from the IO.
Con:  I have to go back to work in a structured environment.

Pro:  the job I'm at allows me to be flexible.  Right now I'm working around Baby Girl's schedule for school and they will allow me to change it again once school starts (this was a BIG plus)
Con:  no matter how flexible they are, I still have to show up for work.

Pro:  it will force me to be more organized
Con:  we are setting up a schedule, but past experiences have taught me that I still need to be on top of things. 

I've gone to work the past two days and I have to say it hasn't been horrible. The mornings are a bit stressful since I have to have stern conversations with myself, but it was easier today than yesterday.  I figure by the time I get my first check I'll be very happy showing up for work!!   And I'm working with a lot of people I've worked with before so it's not like I have to start fresh with people's personalities, etc. 

Two questions that stand out the most during our conversation:
"Are you bored?" (uh, NO)
"Do you want to work part time or full time" (I want flex time)

I have no idea how this will affect my blogging, but I'm going to try and keep at it.  In fact I have sock progress!

sock for my nephew, just about to start the heel

sock #2 for me half way thru the foot.

And while I missed posting this on Saturday, I still wanted to post it today.

If you look close you can see another rainbow above the first.

I will be posting soon abt Baby Girl's experiences in Theatre Camp, especially the stage makeup classes. 


Linda said…
Congratulations on getting a job Lynn. Really nice that you have worked there before. What are doing there. Love the pic of the rainbows. Looks like a wonderful neighborhood.

Bonnie Brown said…
Congrats on the job!
Sandra Knapp said…
Congratulations on the job! I'm sure this will go a long way to relieve some stress. Money is a big problem for everyone, so the less you have to worry about where it's coming from, and when, is a big plus! I think it's wonderful that you were able to get a job that will allow you to work when it's most convenient for you too. Not all jobs are open to that possibility.

I'm sure, once you are more in the habit of the new daily routine, you will manage your time well enough to continue blogging. Maybe not quite as frequently, but that's understandable.

Love your new sock too, btw. Best wishes to you in your new endeavor.
Angie said…
Way to go on the job! I'm awaiting a phone call about a possible job as I type this and while part of me is super excited, part of me wonders if I'm doing the right thing. Hope it works out wonderfully for you :)
Angie said…
Way to go on the job! I'm awaiting a phone call about a possible job as I type this and while part of me is super excited, part of me wonders if I'm doing the right thing. Hope it works out wonderfully for you :)
kathy b said…
YOu can make this a great thing for you. I think you are amazing to look for and get yourself a new/old job. Obviously they valued you and wanted you back. Keep that in mind! Pat yourself on the back. Buy a skein of yarn to celebrate.
I work 2 to 3 shifts a week . My goal is one more year as a nurse =
32 years of part time all shifts crazy stress work.

I live for my days off.
blogging is a way for me to unwind
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the new job!

Wow --- beautiful rainbow picture.

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