Clearance is my Kryptonite

I love a good deal.  Give me a coupon or a clearance sale and I'm all over it.  Combine the two, well no words can explain it.  Its a great way to save money, but also a hard way to say no to some great deals on things I don't necessarily need.  Then again it IS yarn and that is a necessity in the grand scheme of things. 

Case in point.

I'm working on a charity blanket and amazingly enough I had no soft acrylic to add to it (none that would really match anyway).  So I ran into JoAnn's to get a skein of red.

However they were having a clearance sale on yarn that I can use for hats and kitty blankets and maybe even a blanket for us! 

This is what I came home with.

More than I bargained on but its really pretty

and I have something in mind for all of it.

That was a week ago.  I cast on for a blanket for us and I started thinking that even though I'm using the bulky yarn, there's not much in that skein.  Maybe I need to try another JoAnn's to see if I can get more of it.

After school shopping yesterday I stopped into another JoAnn's to look around.  The yarn that was on clearance that I wanted for my blanket was NOT on clearance at this JoAnn's!!!  UGH!  It's also normally $8 a skein for not that much yarn.  However they DID have yarn on clearance that was NOT on clearance at the other JoAnn's.  I came home with this.

Yarn for hats for both Baby Girl and #1 Son, and sock yarn.  Cuz everybody knows sock yarn doesn't count as stash, ESP when you get it on clearance.  I showed great restrain as well because there was a LOT more I could have gotten. 

If I gotta work, I gotta keep me in fiberly goodness.


Linda said…
Love your new yarn stash Lynn.

kathy b said…
sock yarn certainly does NOT count!!!

good shopping !
stitcherw said…
Great stashing, yup on sale/clearance can't pass it up :)

Enjoyed your earlier post, she looks like she had a ball doing Alladin, bet they'll have a ton of fun doing Grease as well.
Anonymous said…
Sooooo, they are clearing out the Kroy, eh? I wonder if that means they aren't going to carry that brand anymore. I hope that's not what it means.

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