Playing Catchup

I've been working for 3 weeks now.  I love getting a paycheck but I'm not loving having to show up at an office every day.  Plus each week has been set as a different schedule.   First it was 9-2.  Then it was in at 9, out at 12, in at 12:30 out at 2, in at 2:30 and out at 5.  It was the week theatre camp and band camp overlapped and just about killed me.  Then I worked 12-5.  I learned something those three weeks.  I can't go back to full time work in an office and I don't like working 12-5.  My schedule will stay at 9-2 once school starts.  This is the last week of summer vacation and the kids will spend most of it sleeping.  I can't say I blame them since they are both totally exhausted from camp. 

Theatre camp went really well, Baby Girl did a great job and had so much fun!  They ended up having 7 performances in 4 days (which explains the exhausted child) but she would do it again in a heartbeat.  Remember how I said I *might* let her do Grease Jr in Jan??  PS both #1 Son and Baby Girl are signed up for it.  It is the slowest time of the year and if anything it will show them that doing theatre during the school year is harder than they think. 

Meanwhile here are a few pics of Baby Girl in Aladdin Jr.

Finding out Jafar will marry Jasmine

AHH Aladdin saves the day!

But first, let me take a selfie!

These are the ones I took from my seat which aren't the greatest, but give you an idea how much fun it all was.  There are better ones on Flickr from one of the parents, but if I wait to go thru them all to post here it will be 2015.

My favorite one of them all??

She took it backstage just before curtain call. 

If I was a better blogger there'd be many more posts, but I can tell you this;  come back in a couple of days and I will have some stash to share......


Anonymous said…
Looks like Meghan had a great time. Just think....when she is a big time celebrity I can say I "knew her when". LOL
Sandra Knapp said…
Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous!! She is more lovely every year. I hope you have a pair of shackles ready. I think you're going to need them. LOL
kathy b said…
Wow that is an amazing back stage photo!

SHe looks so very happy and at home on stage and just off stage

You are doing great. starting working during summer with kids at home is KILLER. YOU did it
Linda said…
Your daughter looks amazing Lynn. Oh my, she looks so old in that bottom pic.


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