*tap tap tap* Is This Thing On??

So I've been radio silent for 2 weeks but it feels more like a month.  Too much is going on and I'm really really tired.  Work is good, but it takes it's toll.  It takes up time and brain power, both of which I don't have much of.  We also had car issues (finally fixed) and house issues (thought we might have to move AGAIN, the thought of which literally made me nauseous).  Those are also fixed.  The IO is not well, but he can work so we are thankful for that. 

SO much has happened that it will be easier to show you in pictures.

The only time I can get a picture is when he's asleep.  He's melding in with the rest of the cats very well

Last hurrah before school stared.

First day as a Sophomore. 

First day as a 7th grader.  Princess is ready to join her.

One of the charity blankets I've been working on.  I took a pic just before I mailed it.

It's been a bit warm.

Cats don't care about bills.

LOVE this haircut!!  I can see his face again!

The band is back in action!!!  Went to our first game last Friday.

This lasted for abt 30 seconds.

Mother & son fun while geocaching.  We were happy to not only find the cache but to see the HUGE spider before we walked thru his web.

I have been too tired to knit which is not a good thing.  I need it to de-stress, but by the time I get to sit down and do it, I'm too tired.  I've been playing a lot of games on Facebook.  Hopefully you all have been well and having a great summer.  One day I will read blogs again. 


Anonymous said…
Hope Bill is feeling better soon.

Oh my... the kids are growing up.
Angie said…
His haircut looks awesome!
kathy b said…
Haircut is wonderful!
We go through phases with our blogs don't we?
You don't have to show us knitting!
I love reading about your life.

THe new kitty incorporation sounds great
Linda said…
Love the pics Lynn. And your son looks great with the shorter hair.


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