The Simple Woman's Daybook

I haven't done one of these in awhile so I figured I do one today.   I am posting this on Wednesday night, but the answers apply to Tuesday.

Outside my window... we have a hurricane off the coast which is pulling most of the moisture toward it leaving us with less rain the past couple of days.  It's also cooled us down a bit.  I use that term loosely since it's still in the 90s, but the humidity is lower and we've got a bit of a breeze.  You take what you can get.

I am thinking... that I really need to get serious about cleaning out the garage.  The IO left the garage door open after he put in the garbage bins and I saw some stuff that made me wonder why I still had it.  I am also thinking that I HATE garage sales and that unless it will sell on eBay, I will DONATE!  Paying it forward will be it's own reward.

I am thankful... that I have a job (even though I'd rather be home) and that they are willing to work with my hectic schedule.

In the kitchen... Baby Girl asked me if we had any fruits or veggies in the house.  I handed her an applesauce cup. 

I am wearing... blue t-shirt and blue shorts

I am creating... lists.  Lots and lots of lists.  I'm still working on getting everything to move smoothly.  I have laundry at the end of the bed.  Towels are done.  Darks are done.  Yet I have no clean underwear.

I am going... to find some underwear and stick it on the washer.

I am wondering... where I put that new pack of underwear I bought from Target.

I am reading... bills.  Coupons.  Emails. Facebook game scores.  I returned my books because it was just taking up space on the side of the bed. 

I am hoping... to finish up the last band uniform tomorrow.  I took three home to hem.  I've had them for two weeks.  They should have been done in an afternoon.

I am looking forward to... Labor Day.  Part of me wants to plan something fun, but I'm secretly hoping that we do NOTHING that day.  I need to make a lasagna so I have something to pop in the oven that night. 

I am hearing.... a rerun of NCIS Los Angeles and Hemi snoring.

Around the house... I got rid of another box.  I was debating on unpacking it since there was a chance we might have to move AGAIN, but I emptied it anyway.  The box was broken and the stuff would have to be repacked.  Thankfully we straightened out the issues and we are staying put.

I am pondering... how my life has turned into an example of Murphy's Law.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things... geocaching with my son.  We have a good time doing it and it's something only the two of us like doing.  He is 15 and I know my time with him is limited before he goes off on his own.  I'm cherishing this time while I have it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: there is no football game on Friday, just practice so I have a free Friday night.  At least until practice ends. 

A peek into my day... I dropped #1 Son off at school.  Sorted some laundry and went thru some bills.  Fed the cats.  Checked and answered emails.  Tried to figure out what to bring for lunch (oatmeal was the winner).  Made coffee.  Took a shower and got dressed.  Dropped Baby Girl off at school, drove thru McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin (I didn't want to have oatmeal for breakfast AND lunch).  Ran to the bank.  Paid the water bill.  Went to work.  Used brain cells that are a bit dusty but still work.  Left, drove thru the same McDonalds for a second lunch for #1 Son.  Came home, folded more laundry while trying to find the band shirt for practice (score!).  Pick up Baby Girl from school, drop off #1 Son for practice.  Drive to Chipotle for dinner.  Hmm, they were affected by the main water break for that city and they were closed.....Drive to Chili's for dinner.  Run into Target for a return.  Run into CVS for free toothpaste and cheap Tide.  Run into Publix for groceries but forgot list and relied on brain cells to remember what we needed.  I remembered food for the guys to eat dinner and lunch tomorrow.  We still have no fruit or veggies.  Come home and unload car.  Put some of the items away.  Look at laundry.  Play on facebook.  Pick up #1 Son from practice.  Warm up his dinner.  It is now almost 9pm. 
Ok people now you know why I've been radio silent!!!  Hoping to get my life a bit more under control.  Leave a comment on what works for you or just that you are happy to see me alive!!!  And since Hemi is usually my favorite thing, here is a pic to tie you over until the next daybook....
I don't care what she says, I will always be her favorite.


Angie said…
That my friend is one busy schedule!!! Hang in there, slower days are coming.
Anonymous said…
Wouldn't Hemi and Shelby have beautiful kittens? LOL
Sandra Knapp said…
You sound totally exhausted. I hope you are not trying to do too much. Thank goodness things were straightened out so you didn't have to move yet again. Between the age of 30 and 45, I had to move 4 times, and it was horrible. Lucky for me, that last move was the final move, and I've stayed put for 27 years. I hope you "stay put" too, at least for a good while. LOL Take care and keep well. :)
kathy b said…
Im so happy for your Daybook entries. I LOVE Them.
working and family life is very very exhausting. Having done it par time my entire married life with kids, I know some days I got stuff done, some days nothin.

We had cereal for dinner more than once. Kids started doing their own laundry at age 10. I hate laundry.
There was no time for a common cold…that little thing threw EVERYTHING out the window.

hang on!
Linda said…
Thanks for the Hemi pic Lynn. Makes me tired just reading your schedule. Love the quote of the day.


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