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The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...  rain.  We've had a front sitting over us for awhile now. 
I am thinking... that many of you will be surprised that I'm still alive!!
I am thankful... that I am!!
In the kitchen... ~sigh~.  Not a whole lot.  Tonight's dinner was brought to you by Marie Callendars and Bertolli.  I'm still trying to get some sort of system going.  I am failing miserably.  Here's a hint.  Take stock out in Chipotle.
I am wearing... a peach braided shirt and grey shorts.  I did have on jean capris but once I'm home, I tend to strip.  I only have on this shirt still because I will be picking up #1 Son from band practice. 
I am creating... I knit three rows on my sock.  I'm doing well to have underwear in the drawer.
I am going... to be doing a load of laundry once this post is done.  We are running low on underwear.
I am wondering... why I'm discussing underwear when there is so much more to talk abt!
I am reading... fan fiction and I plan on reading…