Saturday Sky

I am sitting on the bed with Princess at my feet, Theo between my knees and Hemi on my right hip.  I have a bruised toe on my left foot and a HUGE blister on the ball of my right foot. 

I'm not going anywhere!

Life continues to be interesting and busy and while I can't walk anywhere (which is driving me crazy!) it's forcing me to sit still.  So far today I've watched some tv, pushed some paper around (not in the mood to deal with bills), made the kids work on their rooms for 15 min (not nearly enough time but at least we got rid of some trash and laundry got moved from floor two to floor one) and I got rid of a bag of crap from the craft room.

I am having a bit of a conundrum which I'm sure many of you can relate to. I've been wanting to make a sweater for awhile now, but I haven't been able to find the right pattern/yarn combo. I have the pattern but no yarn. Finally found enough yarn for a sweater back in May. Couldn't find the pattern. Looked everywhere for it. FINALLY a week ago I found the pattern. Now my yarn is missing.  And I cant find it anywhere........

So instead I've started working on an afghan. 

I'm already realizing I don't have enough yarn for it, but I can supplement with black striped between the colored yarn. 

It's October and I'm realizing that if I actually want to use the afghans and sweaters I have in my brain, I need to start working on them NOW!!! I have two socks in progress, but one sock is at the heel (which requires brain cells to count) and the other one is on the foot but I'm not loving the color.  I'm kind of sick of it. 

So I work on the blanket.

And in order to keep this post at a reasonable length, the rest will be presented in picture form.  That's worth at least a thousand words.

Much better hair cut

If they didn't march in the rain, they'd never march this season!

Went to a Maker's Faire in Orlando and they had this!

lousy picture of me

great picture of Baby Girl

it wouldn't be Saturday w/o my sky!


Anonymous said…
Baby girl is growing up too fast!!!

Love the picture of Theo. Cats sure know how to chill.

So . . . how did you mess up your foot? Hope you are feeling better soon.
Linda said…
Great pictures Lynn. Sorry to hear about your feet. Love the pic of the kitten.

stitcherw said…
Ouch, hope your feet are feeling better soon. Amazing how much we take them for granted until we injure them and can't get around so well. Good luck on finding both the yarn and pattern at the same time, been there done that with one part of something going missing and then the other. Nice start on the afghan, I've not made one before, but since make a lot of cat mats have been tempted if find yarn that i just can't pass up on (since figure it will be close to the same thing, just much bigger). Theo is such a little cutie, when little they seem to have two speeds, full speed and sleep, LOL.
Sandra Knapp said…
So sorry you are hurting. I just hope that you were enjoying yourself before the hurt started.

Great photos, never heard of "arm knitting" before, but it looks like you and Baby Girl both, have a nice new scarf from it. LOL
kathy b said…
Your children are at that AGE OF BEAUTY!!! They look so great.
I love your sweater strategy and may follow it: knit a blanket. I too get brain cell burn when I have to turn a heel. So Silly
Im unhappy with what's on my needles too.
Maybe just still to fatigued to concentrate what with my kidney issue.

I have to feel better soon! I LOVE fall and I don't like seeing it from my lazy boy chair
CJ said…
I do hope you feet are better soon, it all sounds very painful.

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