Saturday Sky with a Side of Stitching

So after a full day of Facebook games on Thursday and a full day of movies on Friday, I'm getting a bit stir crazy.  However I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing, staying off my foot.  I found a project to work on and made some good progress on it.  Remember this guy??

It now looks like this.

I worked on it while watching episodes of The Chew,  Don't Be Tardy (a reality show that was better than expected.  Kind of like a car crash.  You know you shouldn't look, but you cant turn away.  Plus the husband is a football player and really pretty to watch), The Pioneer Woman and Skyfall. 

I was really tempted to add back stitch her face since she's a bit creepy looking w/o her features.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or maybe I'll pull out another project.

I had #1 Son take a pic of my sky.

It really was a pretty day.  I think we had a high of 70. 

Meanwhile my foot?  No difference at all.  I will be calling the dr first thing Monday morning.


Sandra Knapp said…
Sorry to hear that your foot has not improved, but this might be something that will take some time, and patience on your part.

Oddly enough, I picked up a counted cross-stitch kit to make 6 Xmas ornaments. It will probably take me all year to get them finished, but when finished, I will attach them to Xmas gifts I will be mailing out. Too late for this year, but there's always next, right?

It was all of 12º here yesterday morning, but this morning it is 36º. We are having a "heat-wave." LOL

Have a good day, and try to be patient with the foot. I agree, it is good to let the Doctor know it's not improving yet, just in case, though. Take care. :)
Anonymous said…
Sorry things aren't improving. Let me know how it goes tomorrow.
Linda said…
Sorry to hear about your foot Lynn. Do you know how it happened? I love the piece your stitching on. I missed your last post. Thanks for my Hemi pic.

stitcherw said…
Nice progress, to bad you're having the time to work on it due to your foot. Hopefully with the new meds your foot will heal quickly and will be back to normal soon.
Sorry to hear about your foot ... sometimes the dr office is hit or miss ... my husband and I have both had weird things going on the last few years (we think its in our house) and we get shrugs and here's some pills ... no thanks, I'll take pills if you can actually TELL me what's wrong. Hope you're on the mend!!! Positive vibes your way!!
stitcherw said…
You've been sooooo quiet, hope your foot is totally better by now and you've been having some quality stitching and knitting time because you want to and not because you have to stay off your foot. Sue

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