The Foot Saga Continues

Back in October I mentioned I was having some foot issues.  And they continue.

Apparently whatever bit me back in September keeps rearing its ugly head.  I went to the dr over a month ago and the nurse practitioner didn't touch my foot.  In fact she barely looked at it.  She told me to soak it in Epson salts (which I still cant believe I didn't think of) and gave me a prescription that had four pages of side effects.  I nixed the meds but soaked my foot.  After one day I noticed a difference and within a week it was almost gone.  Fast forward three weeks and not only is the wound back, it's back with a vengeance!  I saw a different nurse practitioner and what a different that made!!  I had three different people look at my foot, it was cultured, I was put on a new antibiotic (apparently no one could figure out why I was put on the original, esp since it is part of the drug family I react to!) and they want me to see a podiatrist.  I've been told to stay off of it as much as I can.  Thankfully we keep it very low key this time of year, but I WAS hoping to make a lasagna and start sorting the garage.  Needless to say, none of that has happened.  I spent most of yesterday playing Facebook games and today has been movies.  I need to find some unfinished project and work on that as well.

Marching band has also made it harder for my foot to heal.  While I'm not marching, I am walking to and from warm up areas, to the field and back to the holding areas.  It's a LOT of walking (or hobbling depending on the time of day!)  However we have finished the season out with our Semi Finals at State last week in Tampa.  We didn't get called back for the finals but we did finish 18th at State!  Not a bad way to finish off the year!!!! 

We also had our winter concert for the middle school.  It's more of a fall concert with the timing.  Either way it turned out well.

The best part of the night?  Baby Girl won the raffle for the Bath & Body basket.  She has tried for this basket every year for the past five years and we have never won.  I told her she would probably win it in her last year at the middle school.  She was a year early. 

While sitting still has been hard on me, it's been great on these guys.

As I type Hemi is on my lap and Theo is under the breakfast tray that holds my computer.  It's been cold so they are loving the additional warm body to snuggle. 

Hope everybody is staying warm and safe. Post a *HI* just so I know you're all still around!!  :)


Anonymous said…
That last picture of Theo and Hemi is adorable.

Hope your foot is feeling better soon. Did the culture give them a clue as to what is the problem?

Isn't it amazing the difference between one dr. and another. I had an OB/GYN that one flippantly told me to take Motrin for some pain I was having. When I explained that I couldn't take ibuprofen as noted on my chart, he said, "I didn't say IBUPROFIN, I said MOTRIN!!!" Uhhhhhhhh....guess who is no longer my doctor.
Sandra Knapp said…
I am so very sorry to hear that your foot is worse, and still giving you so much trouble. I hope the NP got it right this time, with the treatment, but I also hope you let us know what caused it, if and when you find out. It sound terribly mysterious to me.

Congratulations to Baby Girl, who i very obviously a "baby" no longer!! I hope she enjoys her Body & Bath basket for a long time.

Best wishes for your speedy recovery. I hope it doesn't keep you out of circulation for too long.
Bridget said…
Oh I hope your foot will actually heal soon, how frustrating!

I guess if nothing else, a little bit of forced relaxation at this time of year is not necessarily a bad thing. Take care - remember the cats need you! :-)
Terri said…
I hope your foot heals soon! Congrats to your DD!

Love the kitties!

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