Where'd She Go??

Why yes I AM still alive, thanks for asking!!!  It's been literally a month since I last posted.  In the 7 or so years of this blogging business, I have NEVER gone that long!!! 

I will try and remedy that.

What have I been doing this past month??  Too much.  I met up with Dee for a craft day and worked on a sock.  Nothing to show because it's the same sock I've been working on for months now.  I actually brought cross stitch with me, but I'm missing two pairs of reading glasses and I cant see the holes without them.  So no stitching for me! 

I did buy yarn to make a Jayne Hat.

I also hosted our local ladies craft group and guess what?  I worked on NOTHING!  I was attempting to finish up cleaning my house (I failed, instead I made them feel good abt their houses), made some chili in the crock pot and sat and chatted with them until it was time to get #1 Son.

Marching band is coming to a close next week. 

We have one more competition out near Tampa and we will be done for the year.  The kids have done really well with their marching and have earned either straight superiors or overall superiors in their competitions. 

I will miss it, but am ready for a break.  Concert band is not as busy and I'm looking forward to getting my Fridays and Saturdays back.

I am still working part time, but I've been relocated to a different department.  I walk in one day and somebody is sitting in my seat!  I was expecting to be moved to a different desk eventually so it wasn't THAT much of a surprise, however I wasn't expecting to be moved to a different position!  I was moved to a different department, one that I enjoy but OMG am I busy!!!  Like from the second I walk in to the time I walk out the door (which is usually later than I should).  BUT I still get my flex time which is greatly needed. 
Crazy sock day kicked up a notch by Baby Girl!

Dinners have been hit or miss, While I'm only working part time, it's during the time that I would get the most done at home!!!  The porch hasn't been swept in a couple of months, there are piles EVERYWHERE. 

And I still have boxes.

It is now a year that we've moved into this house.  Granted it's been a hectic year, but COME ON!! 


While I cant bring myself to toss out boxes that I haven't opened in a year, I DO plan on working on the garage during the four days we get off for Thanksgiving.  We keep things rather low key here and I like to buck the system.  I'll probably make a lasagna.  This will give me 4 days in a row to actually get something done.

The garage.  The majority of the boxes in the garage are mine.  And of those boxes the majority of the things IN them are fabric.  I need to see what has survived the year in a non climate controlled atmosphere and of that, what do I still want?  I feel a purging coming along. 

I swear sometimes I think I should just choose an old post from a few years ago and cut and paste.  I see a cycle of subjects that keep repeating themselves.  Kids, school, work, insane husbands, cats.  I'm like the magazines, same subject, same time of year, different words. 

Um, HELLO!!!!  I'm new!!

Ok now that you know I am still alive and a bit loopy, (I blame the cold meds) I am ending here.  I'm rambling on and not sure how to end this in a logical manner.  If I thought abt it, I'd probably delete the entire post, but where's the fun in that??? 

Ok THIS will be my last comment.  If you want to see a part of #1 Son's marching band, go here.  It's only 1:30 long and one of my favorite parts of it.  The theme this year was The Storm, and around :40 you see them do the spiral of death!  LOL  Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
It was fun getting together.

Doesn't really matter that not much stitching got finished --- it was the company that counted.

Hope we can do it again when you get a free day.

Oh that Theo --- he is TOO CUTE!
Sandra Knapp said…
Glad to know all is well with you. I was starting to worry. LOL
Linda said…
Glad to hear from you Lynn. I am missing my Hemi pics. What colors of Red Heart yarn are you using?


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