Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Felines

Now you see him.

Now you don't!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's a Win/Win

Today I had two doctors appts.  I was stressing abt them big time because I knew they were not going to be fun.  My gut dr was first and this made me nervous.  My incision is healing pretty well except for one spot.  I had what looked like a pimple or a blister just below my belly button.  I knew something would be done to it and I was not looking forward to it.  After a procedure that included tweezers, packing tape, IODINE! (modern medicine still uses this stuff?!?) and a bandage, I was free to go.  I go back in two weeks. 

Next up was my OB/GYN.  He needed to check out my internal vaginal stitches.  Ugh.  Good news is I'm healing very nicely, everything looks great and there are no infections.  Bad news is it's still VERY tender.  Not great news for the IO. 

As I leave the medical building with Iodine in my gut and parts of me on hiatus for another MONTH, I decide I needed a treat.  But what do I do??  My sky looks like this

it was a constant drizzle all day

and my weather feels like this

this was at 2pm

so I decide to get something that looks like this!

Alegria by Manos Del Uruguay in Carnaval

interesting how the flip side has no green

There is a LYS near the medical building, but I never stop.  I either don't have the time or I don't have the energy to stop in.  I know the owner from a previous yarn shop and she sort of reminds me of a hyper puppy.  She's very nice, but she's also VERY eager to please which can be a bit much.  Today she was very helpful in pointing out the sock yarn, but there were others in the store so she was distracted.  Honestly I have to say she wasn't quite as *energetic*, which was nice.  This came home with me as well.
Tough Love Sock by Sweet Georgia in Tapestry

notice how this side has hardly any yellow!

I had abt 5 different skeins in my hand and decided on these two.  Between rent being due Saturday and all my medical bills coming in, the last thing I should be doing was buying yarn.  However after the past few weeks, I figured it was worth it!! 

The bright one will be cast on in the next day or so.  After finishing the grey socks and working on my brown ones

I need a break from the neutrals with some COLOR!!

Speaking of color, doesn't this just look yummy????

At this point I pulled out all the stops (did I mention the iodine??  AND the 4 weeks?!?) and stopped at Jason's Deli for my Chicken Salad salad.  While others were getting steaming bowls of soup (40s in mid afternoon is COLD) I'm getting a cool and light salad.   It never disappoints!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keeping it Even

So I did a 4 year difference with Baby Girl on Monday and figured I should do the same with #1 Son. 

Here he is Dec 2009 (just turned 11)

Here he is Dec 2013 (just turned 15)

At least both halves of his mouth worked in the second shot!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Another Monday

Surgery update: It's been 5 weeks since my surgery.  In some ways I feel better, in other ways I feel worse.  I've had LOTS of women tell me that they felt SO much better after their surgery.  I keep hoping for that feeling.  I'm just trying to get back to where I was beforehand.  Good news is I have been able to sleep on my side for a bit during the night.  This is good news for my hips and back.  The pressure on them from sleeping solely on my back has been rough.  The bad news is the side sleeping means I'm curled up and that has made me ooze some more.  I really thought I'd be done with the oozing by now, but apparently there are still some spots that aren't completely healed on the outside.  Then again I am a slow healer so this should not surprise me.  The other good news is I'm off all pain meds except for Motrin, and even that is at the end of the day. 

I do have more energy for some things, Saturday was a true test of my endurance.  We met up with some friends at a Steam Punk Festival.  I was a little worried abt how I would last since we were planning on being there for 3 hours.  I did ok.  I had to sit down often enough, but I didn't feel like I was dizzy so that is a plus!!  (its the little things)  Later on we went out to dinner to Chili's and of course we had to stop at Target to get some cold meds for Baby Girl (she's been sick for 2 days now) and we saw SO many ppl we knew!  I think my time at Target was harder than the festival.  It was the end of the day and there was no place to sit. 

Of all the things we saw and did on Saturday, all I got was this picture.

My sky.  That goes to show how focused I was on staying vertical!

I did walk almost a half mile today which I was very happy about.  I also walked around the house with that itch to start doing *something* with the yard.  It's a nice sized back yard but it needs some work to make it pretty.

I'm also working on sock #2 of another pair of socks.  I'm just abt to start the gusset.  No updated pics of these either.

Blogs are boring without visual aids.........

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more to show during my daybook.  Meanwhile here are two pictures showing how much kids change in a couple of years.

Baby Girl Jan 2010 (just turned 8)

Baby Girl Jan 2014 (just turned 12)

When she's 16 she's gonna look 24 and I'll be in big trouble......

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Progress is Progress No Matter How Slow

Every winter I think the same thing, I wish I had a hand knit cardigan to wear to keep me warm.  EVERY. WINTER.  Do I HAVE a nice warm hand knit cardigan to wear to keep me warm?  Of course not.  When it's super hot outside all I want to work on are socks.  When it's this cold (and we've been quite cold this winter) I want to knit thick wooly-ish items.  My problem is I cant decide on a pattern.  I want a cardigan that is drapey and loose fitting, not something so snug I feel like a stuffed sausage (no matter what my size)  I have some nice wine colored yarn, but I just need to find the right pattern.

As my title says, progress *is* being made here at Happy Acres (even though our address may have changed, our family home will always be Happy Acres).  I had a Xerox box of papers that was filled to the rim.  If I wasn't careful, stuff could fall out.  This box contained bills, coupons and sales ads from Sunday's newspaper, coupons from Sunday's paper dating back to Nov 2013, school info, house info, and filing.  That was my goal today, to sort and organize that box of paper.  (btw, weren't we supposed to have LESS paper in the 21st century??)  and I succeeded.  The coupons and receipts are contained in its own box, the filing and other misc items are in another box.  The school info, the house info and medical info are in individual piles.  The bills are sorted and organized and in a time out because they ticked me off.

While I'm slowly working my way across my bedroom, I am also working my way thru knitting projects.  I actually have my first finish of 2014!!

My socks are done!  I started them back in Sept and finally cast off the last stitch on Monday.  SOOO happy they are finished!!!    Yarn is a sport weight, the grey is a Regia 6 ply and the red is some Knit Picks Stroll in Hollyberry.   I started sock #2 of another pair I cast on for back in July (!) and am almost 2" into the cuff.  It's thick yarn so I'm hoping I can get thru these by the wknd as well.  I was going to start another pair of socks with a bright colored yarn, but I couldn't decide which one so a WIP won out instead.  I keep thinking abt that yarn I posted a couple of days ago.  I may have to get it.  It can be my I Survived 2013 and rewarded myself with this yarn yarn.

I am still missing those three projects I started before surgery and I was really hoping they'd be in that box.  Makes me nuts with how many things I can't find.  Never move and have surgery a month later.  SOOO not a good idea!!!

Everybody keep warm!!

I agree Hemi, paperwork puts me to sleep, too.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Simple Woman's Daybook - Friday's Edition


Outside my window... right now it's dark because it's almost 10pm.  It's been cold because we've had back to back cold fronts come thru.  Yesterday we never got out of the 50s and we've had frost warnings as well.  I was asleep but the IO took #1 Son to school today and there was THICK frost on the windshield.  He thought he could get rid of it by spraying it with window washer fluid.  It got thicker (this is the same man who was born and raised in NY).  I think we hit 60 today but I'm not sure.  We're back in the 50s tomorrow.  Not complaining because I'm going to enjoy the cold for as long as I can, but the weather is definitely affecting my incision.  It makes it ache a bit more.

I am thinking... of ordering some sock yarn from Simply Sock Yarn Company, more specifically this.  I have no Trekking in my stash and I really want to try it.  I esp like the color in the link.  I'm still debating it.......
I am thankful... that I am feeling better.  Each day I feel a bit better and I'm happy for that.  I did have somebody tell me that I should be much better by now, but it was a guy and I shot him down FAST!!  Got a bit graphic to give him the full taste of what I'd been thru and needless to say he was surprised I was vertical!!!  Gotta love men when you start naming lady parts!!!
In the kitchen... I made some soup in the crock pot today.  It's a sausage potato soup that's supposed to be a knockoff of Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana.  It came out really good, but next time I'll only add half the sausage.  It was really tasty but the sausage was a bit overwhelming.  I may add more potatoes too.  It could be a bit thicker in consistency, but not by much.  I have no link to it since it was one of those things that's forwarded to death on Facebook but here is a copy of what I got.  I have no idea who to credit since there was no link in the post.
Zuppa Toscana (better than Olive Garden!) 1 lb. Italian sausages (use spicy to get that signature Olive Garden flavor)(I used ground sweet sausage and added in some red pepper flakes when I browned it up) 
4-6 russet potatoes (I used 6 but would probably add 2 more),
chopped 1 onion,
ch...opped 1/4 c. REAL bacon pieces (optional)(didn't use) 
2 Tbsp minced garlic (about 3-4 cloves)
32 oz. chicken broth
1 c. kale or Swiss chard, chopped (didn't use this either because my store was out of it!  No bundles and no bagged.  The guy said he just ran out.  They've been going thru kale quite a bit recently.  I figure between it being very healthy and it being the new year, it would go quick.) 
1 c. heavy whipping cream
2 Tbsp flour
1. Brown sausage links in a sauté pan.
2. Cut links in half lengthwise, then cut slices.
3. Place sausage, chicken broth, garlic, potatoes and onion in slow cooker. Add just enough water to cover the vegetables and meat.
4. Cook on high 3-4 hours (low 5-6 hours) until potatoes are soft. 30 minutes before serving:
5. Mix flour into cream removing lumps.
6. Add cream and kale to the crock pot, stir.
7. Cook on high 30 minutes or until broth thickens slightly.
8. Add salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste.

I am wearing... a LOT!  Blue t-shirt, blue sweat pants (slung below my belly since I still cant have anything on it yet), hand knit ankle socks (my full cuff ones need to be washed) and a heavy cotton long sleeved shirt.  I've been cold and am having a hard time getting warm.
I am creating... I'm trying to finish that grey sock and I have no desire to work on it.  I want to start a bright and fun colored sock which is making it that much slower and the reason why I want to buy that Trekking.  Solids are hard for me to knit on for long periods of time.  I can knit and knit and knit but the yarn has to be fun and interesting.
I am going... nowhere!  Well that's not true.  I've been running the kids to Target for this and to the mall for that.  In between that I'm stopping off at Publix to get food for dinner.  I dropped over $100 yesterday for not a lot of stuff.  I hate when that happens!!  However there were snacks to be bought and paper products to buy and some frozen dinners/pizza to stock up on. 
I am wondering... when my taste buds will go back to *normal*.  I have no desire for coffee (well sometimes I do but not enough to make a pot), I have no desire for soda (other than the occasional Coke).  Last night I was debating do I want a salad or an apple for my midnight snack (the apple won but then I did have a few Tostito chips, just not half the bag).  I'm no longer craving chocolate (it tastes weird to me).  I will have the occasional pudding pack of chocolate and vanilla swirled.  We've had friends drop off donuts and cookies and cupcakes.  I never had any other than a bite.  Who am I?!?!  In the past if I wasn't drinking coffee I was drinking Diet Coke.  I would have chocolate twice a day.  My midnight snacks used to consist of popcorn and then something sweet.  Like a pint of Haagan Daz coffee icecream.  Instead I'm called a friend for her recipe for collard greens.  It's very weird for me.  I poured a small glass of Diet Coke with dinner but I still have half left (I needed a break from water which is all I seem to drink these days).  I'm not complaining and I'm going to ride this train as long as I can because I know it wont last, but if I can break some bad habits so that I can lose some weight, I want to try. 
I am reading... today I got caught up on some blogs.  If you posted in the past 5 days, chances are I read it.  If not, I'm hoping to catch you the next time around.
I am hoping... for a calmer 2014.
I am looking forward to... March when everything should be healed and back to normal.  I keep using that term *normal* which is kind of funny since normal is such a relative word.  Plus I've never really been normal so why am I looking for it now?!?
I am hearing.... at this moment, nothing.  I have the tv paused on the movie It's Complicated.  Its becoming my movie of choice lately.  Something that's funny but not something I have to pay attention to.  It was either this one or Something's Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson.  Meryl and Alec win out tonight.
Around the house... ah yes around the house.  The kitchen isn't as bad as it could be.  The living room is a mess.  My bedroom is too.  I keep trying to go thru paperwork but my piles keep falling off the bed from either kids or cats.  I'm hoping to tackle that tomorrow. 
I am pondering... what my kids have to deal with while in middle and high school.  Stuff that I didn't have to deal with until I was a senior is already touching Baby Girl at the beginning of middle school.  Both kids have had friends who have cut themselves.  Baby Girl is starting to see the wisdom of waiting until she is a bit older to date (the DRAMA involved with kids who are SO not ready to date is unbelieveable!)  I pray for them everyday and I try to get them to talk abt their school friends as much as possible.  This is easy with Baby Girl.  Not as easy with #1 Son.
A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's Corner...
While this is a HORRID picture of me, it shows how Hemi has been since my surgery. 

I really don't understand why I post horrible pictures of me.  Most ppl would have deleted the above, and yet here I am putting it out there, never to be deleted!  I guess it's just because it's so true to my life.  My life right now is messy and tiring and recouperating.  I'd rather that then the alternative.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Since I'm posting this on Friday instead of my usual Tues I don't have much planned.  There is no school on Monday so it will most likely be a quiet wknd.  I think everybody is ready for that!!
A peek into my day... I had a nice picture of my sky that I took earlier today (even though Baby Girl commented that it wasn't Saturday yet) but my phone froze up and I lost it.  So I'll post this instead.
Hemi sitting next to me for his afternoon bath,
Hope everybody has a great wknd!  And if you want to play, go here.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Closing out 2013

Recovery Day 20:  I walked the length of our cul de sac again and it felt great.  The weather is fabulous today and I wanted to get outside to enjoy it.  I probably could have walked farther, but I didn't want to push it so instead I took some of #1 Son's old trophies from my bedroom to the craft room upstairs.  THAT was the cherry of my walk and enough to wear me out. 

Another positive note is that I am feeling something that I haven't felt in abt a year.  You know when you wake up in the morning and your stomach feels flat?  No matter what you weigh, that morning stomach usually feels flat.  I have that feeling back again!  I can also suck in my gut.  Couldn't do that before either.  Hmmm, must have been something the size of a cantaloupe in the way!!!

I figured that I've complained enough over the past 3 weeks, I wanted to post something positive.   It's a good day and I wanted to take advantage of that!!


So here we are almost half way thru January and I wanted to see what I've accomplished in the past year.  Not great but not horrible either.  I have completed:

5 pairs of socks
2 camera cases
2 kitty beds
3 hats
1 finger mustache
3 kitty blankets
1 key chain sock blocker
5" of a charity blanket

Total projects complete:  18

A nice respectable number considering this past year.  I do have 8 WIPS I'm taking with me into 2014. They are:

2 pairs of socks
2 afghans
2 hand towels
2 hats

Total WIPS:  8

That's more than I normally have going but like I mentioned before, I started a few of them before surgery to have something to work on.  The key now is to find them. 

How many projects did you finish this year?  Did you post them on your blog?  If you did, mention it here so I can go read it.  I am really far behind in blog reading and want to get caught back up.  I really do enjoy reading abt what you guys have going on. 

Lucy says:  Did somebody just open a can of tuna??

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Sky

So here we are 19 days after surgery and I'm still moving forward (though not as fast as I'd like).  I saw both surgeons on Thursday and they have removed the rest of my stitches.  I am still oozing a little bit, but not much.  I don't have to see either one for another 3 weeks.

This is good.  However mentally I still feel all over the map.  AND with my ovaries still intact, this means I can still experience PMS.  NOT happy abt that.  I felt like I was PMSing yesterday, very tired (yes I know, recovery, blah blah blah) but it felt different, and I felt like I wanted to rip somebody's face off.   Both the IO and #1 Son were making me crazy. 

In my defense, my house is making me nuts.  Not everything has been unpacked and there are things that are missing, so when ppl ask me where things are, I have no idea.  Also pens and paper and other items that I've put away in the kitchen for future use are missing the next day.  I now put my good pen back in my purse after I use it.  We will not discuss the last time my floors were swept. 

On top of it all,  the IO is starting to have a bit of PTSD.  He processes events a couple of weeks after they've happened.  It's all becoming a bit overwhelming for him. 

On the plus side he is making a chicken tonight with steamed corn on the cob and either rice or pasta.  I have a load of whites in the dryer that are clean.  I am trying to focus on these positive thoughts.  

I am also focusing on March.  I have been told that it will take 3 months for all the soft tissue to be healed.  I will feel better before those three months are over, but three months is when I'm at optimum recovery.  That is also the length of time it will take for me to build up my blood count.  This is when the kids will be out for spring break.  I'm hoping for a couple of quiet days, and a few unpacking days.  My inlaws will be out and I plan on making a turkey dinner for the family.   This is my plan, but it will all depend on how *recovered* I am.  I will NOT go backward, that I can guarantee!

And I want to thank all of you who took the time and either commented or emailed me with your own experiences.  It helps a LOT! 

SO lets move on, shall we??  I'm trying to go thru piles (which all got destroyed and put back into one giant pile last night, but I digress) and I'm trying to organize my knitting notebook and my virtual notebook on Ravelry.  I have 7 WIPs that I have brought into the new year, 3 of which I am looking at and 4 that are MIA.    Those 4 are the ones I started so I would have easy knitting to do after surgery.  I have no idea where they are.  BUT this is ok since I am finishing up a pair of socks.  I just finished up the gusset and am on the main part of the foot for sock #2. 

I'm hoping to have them done by tomorrow night, but next week is probably more realistic.

Have you looked up today?

As you can see I did and boy was it a beauty!  Our weather has been all over the map, deep freezes for a couple of days and then highs in the 80s a few days later.  Today it was a high of 84, but there was a gorgeous breeze and it was just wonderful walking thru the neighborhood today.  Usually I can only walk to the mailbox (at the end of the block) and back, but today I walked around the cul de sac as well.  I can hear thunder as I type because we have another front passing thru.  This will bring the weather I've been waiting for, highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.  Perfect for walking and airing the house out. 

Hope everybody is having a fabulous wknd!!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

This is a LOT harder than I thought......

It's been 15 days since my surgery.  That's only 2 weeks.  I feel like it's been a month.  Since I ended up having three different incisions and two different surgeries, it's gonna take some time to heal.  I KNOW that!   Yet I'm getting really frustrated with my recovery. 

Yesterday was the first day back to reality.  The IO went back to work and the kids back to school.  The IO took #1 Son to school and I went back to bed until it was time to get Baby Girl off.  I also had a drs appt.  No biggie.  I felt fine.  I dropped her off and headed to my drs appt.  Got an egg mcmuffin and ice water on the way (was really craving the protein and had no time to make anything before I left). 

I arrive at the drs, park and walk in.  They are in a medical building on the second floor.  I'm allowed to walk so I did.  I get to the drs office and wait my turn.  They say I'm looking good and walking well.  I get into my room, climb up on the table and wait for my dr.  I start to feel a little light headed but no big deal.  I thought of lying down but I knew I'd have a hard time getting up so I just sat there with my eyes closed.  I started to feel really light headed (like I was going to pass out) so I moved to the chair.  I figured if I fell off the table it would be worse.  The chair would at least contain me.

The dr came in, put my feet up, got me some ice packs and asked me how I was doing.  I said up until 5 min ago, I was feeling great!  Apparently I did too much.  He asked me if I did the (free) valet parking, I said no.  I found a close spot and walked it SINCE ITS THE ONLY THING I'M ALLOWED TO DO!  Did I eat.  Yes. Did I drive myself.  Yes.  I get these heat waves that make me a little woozy and normally if I'm home I just lay down and they pass.  Since I was at the drs and propped up too long, it made me feel worse than I normally would. 

I love my dr.  He is very concerned but never makes me feel bad.  I love his nurses.  They were very concerned but set me straight.  FINE!  They totally understood my frustrations, but told me to go home and since I cant do much of anything right now I should catch up on movies, knit, nap.  You know, all the things I wished I had time for in the past.  I agree.  I'm feeling MUCH better and they wheel me to the car (my dr wont let me walk out).  I feel much better now, if I didn't I wouldn't get behind the wheel.  I may be frustrated with what I can do, but I wont put somebody else in harm's way and I DONT want to go back into the hospital.  I drive home, no issues.  I WAS going to stop at the bank and Publix to get food for dinner (I was going to have baby girl make it while I supervised) but I went straight home.  I call the drs office and let them know I am fine.  I call the IO and let him know of my misadventures that morning.


He is NOT happy.  I could have passed out.  I could have passed out on the tile at home with nobody there and be bleeding.  He tells me he's coming home.  We talk twice before he goes to his boss to see if he can work from home (remember he's only been here since July and there is NO reason for him to be home.  I don't want him pushing it with this job).  However I'm too tired to keep fighting and tell him that I don't agree with his decision, but to do whatever he feels is best.  He talks to his supervisor and when they all find out what happened they tell the IO to get home NOW and of course he can work from home. 

While I still feel he's overreacted, I have to say (and I did tell him this) that it does make my life easier.  He takes the kids to school (I don't even wake up for it) and works from home so he can still make me my scrambled eggs in the AM.  I'm binge watching Mystery Diners and I am working on a sock.  The cold is killing me today and makes me hurt more than usual (we are expecting a high of 49 today which is frigid for central florida), it was 32 this AM with wind chills in the teens.  VERY cold for us. 

Overall I'm where I'm supposed to be in my recovery.  It's only been 15 days.  I had two surgeries.  I lost a lot of blood.  While I usually cut myself a break in day to day life, I really need to do the same thing in my recovery. 

And enjoy the quiet time while I can.

and it means more snuggle time for us!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

She Lives!!

What a way to end the year!! 

**WARNING**  I may get a big graphic with use of body parts so if you are a bit squeamish, proceed with caution.  I'm pretty sure all my readers are girls, but be forewarned.

So the last I post is abt yarn and finished hats and, oh yeah, a simple surgery.  Simple and surgery really don't go hand in hand. 

I went in for a hysterectomy a week and a half ago that was going to include an overnight stay.  I was supposed to be home on Tues.  I figured with the hernia fix as well, I'd be home by Wed. 


I have stitches in my vagina, notches in my abdomen and a BUNCH of staples from my belly button down to my pelvic bone.

Here is the IO's email out to the family:

I’ve been waiting a while to give you the details until Lynn was comfortable with letting everyone know.
Unfortunately she went into surgery expecting it to be like the c-section with B (#1 Son), which was an epidural and a baby.  The surgery was for a fibroid on her uterus and a hernia below her belly button.  It was supposed to be from the pelvis and normally would be pretty straightforward thus allowing her to be discharged the next morning.
When he started the surgery she began bleeding heavily so he moved to a laparoscopic procedure.  She continued bleeding heavily thereby forcing him to move to an open procedure with an abdominal incision.  The fibroid ending up essentially encasing her uterus and was the size of large grapefruit.  If your not squeamish, I’ve attached a picture.   (if you want to see it, comment with your email, I'll send you a copy)  Dr. D said she lost 1.5 liters of blood but thankfully he is very reluctant to use blood transfusions because of complications and extended recovery time.  As soon as he realized that the procedure was more complicated, he slowed down and made sure to cauterize as he went along to minimize the bleeding.  He spent additional time making sure that everything was done properly before he closed.
The worst part, other than thinking it would be like having a baby, was that she overhead the nurses talking in the recovery room.  They said she lost a lot of blood and after someone asked if she had a blood transfusion, someone replied that they didn’t know.  Needless to say when she got to her room she was very overwhelmed and especially concerned about how I was reacting.  Fortunately D stayed with me in the waiting room so it wasn’t as stressful as it could have been.  I do need to tell the IT department that the program that displays the status of current operations is very poorly written or at least needs to be updated more frequently.  The monitor didn’t indicate that the operation started until two hours into the procedure.
Lynn’s blood count pre-op was 12 which was a good thing because she is currently at 7.  Apparently that is the reason why she is so tired.  She is getting iron via IV and has started to drink apple juice and jello.  The doctor says she can go home once gas has moved through her system.   I’m hoping for tomorrow but expect it to be Friday.  I’m taking this week and next week off so she won’t have to worry about anything and the congregation is going to provide meals.  The kids have been staying at G’s and playing cards at night so hopefully it wasn’t too stressful.
She is still to tired for phone calls but she might be ok later tomorrow so I will let you know if anything changes.
Bill (the IO)
So there you have it.  What was supposed to be an overnight stay turned into a 5 day ordeal.  I'm doing MUCH better now, we've had friends bring by dinners, the IO took time off of work so he's been taking care of me.  I've got more stitched than the dr knew (because after he was done my other hernia dr added more staples to fix the hernia and reinforce the area), but honestly I don't mind.  I was in a war and I came out the winner!!   Now I heal. 
I'm being very good abt what I'm doing,  both drs just want me to walk so that's all I'm doing.  We've had some lousy weather so I'm walking the house and using the bathroom furthest from the bedroom.  I cant vacuum for 4-6 weeks and I cant go upstairs for another week.  The house is becoming a mess but that's ok.  I'd rather have my health and get better than repeat ANYTHING I just went thru.
The worst part of it all??  I started three different knitting projects and I can't find one of them.  I need simple stuff because patterns + percoset = rip it all out later!!!
Here is a picture of my first day of January 2014. 
Hope you had a very safe holiday!   I've never been one to look forward to a new year but 2013 kicked my butt and I'm looking forward to a slower pace in 2014.