Monday, July 28, 2014

Life is a Cabaret

Last summer Baby Girl really REALLY REALLY wanted to do theatre camp, but since it was the year from hell there was no way I could swing it.  Then I learned they had scholarship programs.  I applied and we only had to pay a 1/3 of what would normally be the tuition.  This has been a WONDERFUL thing!! 

She is having a blast and will be performing Aladdin Jr this coming Thursday - Sunday.  What is cool abt summer theatre camp as opposed to normal theatre during the rest of the year is they get add'l classes; tap, backstage instruction, theatre makeup.  Baby Girl does NOT like tapping, but she DOES like theatre makeup.  It's been something she's been interested in since she was three and she loves the creativity that comes with theatre makeup. 

The first time they had this class she walked out like this.

At first I thought she fell off the stage (this is a big worry of mine since she's a bit clutzy), but then I remembered the class and I realized it was makeup. 

The second time she looked like this.

It was monster day and she decided to go for a zombie look.  Her friends thought she was a vampire due  to the white makeup, but I thought she looked like a diseased homeless person.

The last one I didn't get a shot of, but think Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. 

And yes SHE did this to herself, nobody did it for her.  I think she did a great job and has a talent for this.  With Orlando so close by she could easily get a job for any of the shows in the theme parks or performing arts

She is part of the ensemble of the musical, but she does have parts where she comes out and fan girls over the princes vying for Jasmine's hand in marriage and she sings with two other girls so it's a semi-solo.  She really wanted an actual character, but she is really happy that she got a lot of extra parts to play.  She's on stage for most of the performance and is having a ton of fun.  She REALLY wants to continue this when school starts but I told her no.  Between school work and band, there is no way she'll be able to do it all.  Well she probably could, but it would stress her out and I know the enjoyment level would go from having a ton of fun to obligation status.  I *MAY* have her participate in Grease Jr in Jan when it's not as hectic with band but I haven't decided yet. She has no idea I'm considering it or else I would never hear the end of it.

Being a mom = making the hard decisions.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A new member of the family

So I'm back at work, trying to get a schedule down (which will be hard until the kids are back in school), running to Tampa TWICE (abt a 2hr drive one way), and just trying to keep up with all that I have already so the plan is to simplify.


HA!!!  I laugh in your general direction!  Last Monday when I picked Baby Girl  up from theatre camp I got bamboozled into this.....

Let me introduce you to Theo, the theatre kitty.

He was dumped over a 6' fence of a theatre mom who can't keep him because she has 2 dogs and a 20lb cat that wants nothing to do with a small kitten other than to make it an appetizer. 

She brought it to the theatre and we brought him home.

He is adorable and everybody loves him. 

We took him to the vet on Tues (I wont even discuss how long we were there waiting, but it was HOURS) and we found out he is in great shape for being a stray. 

No ear mites, no worms, no major dirt.  He did have some fleas but we took care of that. 

Everybody else is getting used to him.  Hemi and Theo seem to be forming a special bond (I can see a boys club starting) and last night Theo tried to snuggle with Hemi.  Hemi's not ready for that yet, and Theo looked SO sad, but today Hemi went up to Theo and they sniffed noses.

Princess will tolerate him (like she does the rest of the cats) but she's avoiding Baby Girl.  Lucy wants nothing to do with him and has found a hiding spot in the house.  I have little pity for Lucy since she is the one that chased Tiger away.  She'll just have to adjust. 

Why doesn't Hemi want to snuggle??

Thursday was our first trip to Tampa to visit a friend of #1 Son's.

We left after work and met them at a mall.  She was visiting her grandmother in Naples and we decided to meet half way (Tampa).  What moms wont do for their kids.

Friday I took off from work (I'm there less than 2 weeks and I'm already taking days off, but that goes under the flex time I requested when I started) and went with a friend of mine and her daughter and #1 Son back to Tampa for an outdoor concert called Warped Tour. 

Its an all day outdoor concert of abt 20-30 bands that play on 4 different stages. 

Definitely an interesting day.  Saw lots of strange people, there was mud everywhere (almost fell  into some when my flipflop got stuck) and it was HOT! 

But the kids had a blast and we stayed until security told us to go home.  Our cool cred just rose by a LOT!!

Meet Jason.  He has his own YouTube channel and is quite popular.  I call him Cotton Candy Head.

Yesterday was sleeping in but by noon we were out shopping for Baby Girl.  She needed a few things for theatre and of course we ended up getting things for school (which starts in 3 weeks).

Today is a band meeting and tomorrow starts band camp.  It's the week where both kids' activities overlap.  This is where #1 Son's Band camp overlaps Baby Girl's theatre camp and I'll be driving back and forth while working.  Plus Baby Girl has her performances this week AND I'm helping out by making cookies and volunteering as an usher.  (she is there on scholarship and parents are STRONGLY encouraged to volunteer if they want the scholarship in the future.)  My coffee pot will be humming this week!!

There is no rest for the weary.  I am going to try and add some more posts that will pop up thruout the week so I'm not totally radio silent.

And I've decided I need to invest in Starbucks because at the rate I'm drinking this stuff I should be getting some return!!

So what's new and exciting in your life???

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weighing the Pros and Cons

As I've mentioned before, I've been trying to find a way to make some extra money.  I've looked online, I've looked in the paper (NOBODY posts in the paper anymore!) and I've contacted my old employers to see if there was anything available.

Thursday around 3pm, one of my old employers contacted me back telling me there wasn't any admin jobs available, but things were constantly changing and they would let me know if anything opened up.  An hour later he wanted to know if I could come in to talk the next day. 

I started yesterday.

So YEAH I found a job!!! but now I have to go to work.

I have had a lot of mixed emotions about going back into the workforce.  Am I capable?  Yes.  Do I want to be tied down to a specific schedule?  Not really, but legitimate work-at-home jobs are hard to come by.

I made a mental list of pros and cons to mentally work my way thru this.

Pro:  there will be more money during the week to alleviate some of the stress from the IO.
Con:  I have to go back to work in a structured environment.

Pro:  the job I'm at allows me to be flexible.  Right now I'm working around Baby Girl's schedule for school and they will allow me to change it again once school starts (this was a BIG plus)
Con:  no matter how flexible they are, I still have to show up for work.

Pro:  it will force me to be more organized
Con:  we are setting up a schedule, but past experiences have taught me that I still need to be on top of things. 

I've gone to work the past two days and I have to say it hasn't been horrible. The mornings are a bit stressful since I have to have stern conversations with myself, but it was easier today than yesterday.  I figure by the time I get my first check I'll be very happy showing up for work!!   And I'm working with a lot of people I've worked with before so it's not like I have to start fresh with people's personalities, etc. 

Two questions that stand out the most during our conversation:
"Are you bored?" (uh, NO)
"Do you want to work part time or full time" (I want flex time)

I have no idea how this will affect my blogging, but I'm going to try and keep at it.  In fact I have sock progress!

sock for my nephew, just about to start the heel

sock #2 for me half way thru the foot.

And while I missed posting this on Saturday, I still wanted to post it today.

If you look close you can see another rainbow above the first.

I will be posting soon abt Baby Girl's experiences in Theatre Camp, especially the stage makeup classes. 

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... hot.  we've been getting rain pretty much every day, but it's not the cooling rain you get up north.  It's the steamy rain that can make it feel even worse.  Right now it's 88 but feels like it's at least 100.  My phone says the realfeel is 104.  I am in my room with the drapes drawn.

I am thinking... I need to motivate myself to get more accomplished.  However the heat really zaps any energy I have and makes getting going a hard task.

I am thankful... for central air.  I will be thankful for that for most of the summer.

In the kitchen... I made some banana muffins with some questionable bananas.  They didn't make us sick but they were definitely OFF. 

I am wearing... tan shorts and a purple tee.

I am creating... I have started my nephew's socks and so far so good.  They are striping more than I thought, kind of spiraling down the leg as they stripe, but you don't notice that unless you follow the stripe.   The other sock has sort of stopped mid foot.

I am going... to update my resume.  It's really sad looking.  I've been home  with the kids for so many years that most of my job experience is OLD, but I do have skills that can be utilized.  Part of the problem is that I really don't want to go back to work and magically hope that all the bills will be paid and I wont have to worry.  Then I get the mail.  Or band fees loom.  Or my son eats almost a pound of ham for lunch leaving little for the rest of us.

I am wondering... how long it would take me to learn quickbooks.  I've been seeing lots of opportunities to work from home using that skill. 
I am reading... Castle and The Mentalist fanfiction.  It's not a book, but it's perfect for late night reading.

I am hoping... that one of the side projects that the IO is working on will break.  He's got plans to turn some of his ideas into reality.  If he stays focused on it, I think he could do it.

I am looking forward to... cooler weather (is it too soon to be saying this??)

I am hearing.... the bathroom fan.  That's it.  Baby Girl is in Theatre Camp and #1 Son is still asleep.

Around the house... ~sigh~ not much.  I blame the heat.

I am pondering... that even though money is tight, I still have a roof over my head, electricity, water and food.  We could be SO much worse off.....

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's Corner...
the collage of Hemi that #1 Son made for my phone

A few plans for the rest of the week: We are already starting band booster meetings (apparently the high school has them all year long) and there is another car wash scheduled for this Saturday. 

A peek into my day...we've been trying to geocache some in the afternoon but it has been SO hot.  Plus the sun is really bright and I have a hard time reading coordinates on my phone.  I think we need to wait until 6 or 7pm to try it again. 
There you go!  Not as detailed as I usually get, but I really need to tackle something of importance today.  And I think the heat is starting to affect my brain.   Here is your link to follow if you want to play.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday in the Garden

sad isn't it??
It's been hot here in Central Florida and by this time of year, whatever I've planted back in March or April is usually dead.  However there have been a few surprises.

tomato plant #1
The top tomatoes are rotted out.  I've got bugs eating them up.  However there are a few that have been spared....

Tomato plant #2 looks even worse.

It's all stems!!!  Apparently the same bugs are on this plant as well

However there are a few branches that have dropped down to the ground and I see this.

It's living among the weeds

AND part of it has started pushing up toward the sun with new leaves!  I see some blooms trying to progress, but I haven't been watering them so its not working.  I have incentive to water it tomorrow!  If a plant is trying this hard to survive, I can at least water it and brush the bugs off.

I truly don't know how they are still alive.  Esp when this is the temp at 9:43am!

ignore the time in the pic, I never reset it.

And on a side note, I tried a new recipe yesterday that was REALLY good!  It's Oven BBQ Chicken by The Pioneer Woman.  (yes even though it's hot I still use my oven)  I've made her Peach Whiskey BBQ Chicken before and while I loved that, this is better!!  The changes I made were more omissions than anything else.  I used boneless and skinless thighs (she used skin on and bone in), I didn't add anything to my BBQ sauce (and when it's Sweet Baby Ray's you don't need to!), but I did baste it like she did.  O. M. G.!!!  REALLY good chicken!  I added some Rice A Roni and corn and it was a yummy dinner.  Not the healthiest but SO good!  She paired hers with a Kale Pasta Salad which I will try the next time around. 

A swatch of sorts

Now that I only have one pair of socks on the needles, I wanted to cast on a pair for my nieces and nephews.  I dug thru my sock bin (actually I dumped it out right when #1 Son walked in.  He seemed a bit surprised as to how much a 60gal Rubbermaid bin can hold) and I found two yarns I want to use.  One is a Malabrigo for my 6 y/o niece and the other yarn is a mystery yarn.  I bought it almost 10 years ago on eBay and it came from an independent dyer.  No yarn ball or color name, just some nice yarn to make some socks.  The only problem is that I had no idea what kind of wool it was.  Superwash?  Wool/nylon blend??  100% Wool????  I knew I had to test it to see what it would do when washed.  I also wanted to check what needle size I would need since it seemed more of a sport weight than a fingering.

This would mean I would have to make a (gasp) swatch.  I NEVER swatch!!!  Neither did my mom. (so I'll blame her!)  Whenever she made sweaters, she would check her gauge as she went along.  If the gauge was off, then she would rip it out and start over.  I guess there were no worries abt what happened when it got wet because I don't ever remember there being a problem. 

However I was knitting for a kid whose mom would definitely wash them in the machine and possibly dry them in the dryer.  I had to be sure they wouldn't felt.  So I made a swatch. 

Sort of.

It's ridiculously small, but it did the job!  AND it didn't felt!!  So I know its a go to start a pair for my nephew.  He requested purple and pink socks and I think these will make him very happy!!  I hope to cast on before the wknd.

Come back tomorrow (ok later today since it's already 1am) when I share some pics of my tomato plants.  How these guys are still producing fruit I have NO idea!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... hot.  hot hot hot!!!  However we do have a tropical storm brewing just east of us which will bring wind wind and more wind!  I'm ok with that.

I am thinking... too much.  Especially at 3am.  Why does the brain wake up that early when the rest of the body wants to sleep?!?

I am thankful... for the grocery store  Publix.  Lots of fresh produce, love their bakery, great customer service.  We're hoping #1 Son will be employed with them in November. 

In the kitchen... I tried two new recipes last week, a cookies and cream cheesecake and a blueberry crumb cake.  I am finding LOTS of things in my craft room as I slowly clean things out and to prove this, the crumb cake recipe was printed out in 2002.  How did it turn out?
It was good.  I think next time I will make it without the blueberries and abt half of the crumble.  There was more crumble than cake!!! 
The cheesecake was good, but the batter
looked better than the finished product.
I ended up adding more cookie crumbs to the top to make it more appealing.  Everybody loved it, but I think I will make it without the cookies next time.  There is a plain one with Biscoff cookies as the crust that I think I'd like better.
Final verdict?  They weren't total flops but not good enough to add to the keep pile.  Yet.

I am wearing... antique t-shirt and shorts.  From the 90s.

I am creating... after I posted my socks yesterday I realized that while the colors of the socks were true, the towel I put them on was so NOT!  The towel is brown but it looks like an icky green.  Here is another picture of my socks.  Still love them.

I am going... to continue sorting and purging.

I am wondering... why I have half the stuff I do.  What was I thinking?!?!

I am reading... well we are back to normal here with no time to read.  I haven't opened any fiction in over a week.

I am hoping... that I hear from JoAnn Fabrics soon.  I applied back in May and would LOVE to work there.  It would help pay for the kids' activities AND it would be a fun place to work. 

I am looking forward to... theatre camp.  I think it will be fun!

I am hearing.... tv shows, family conversations, the dryer.

Around the house... hmmmm, its a mess.  Nuff said.
I am pondering... the possibilities of actually having a clean house, food in the house, laundry done and dinner on the table at the same time.  I know there are women out there who can do it, but its becoming painfully obvious this will NEVER be me.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things AKA Hemi's Corner.....

A few plans for the rest of the week: I don't think I have any plans set yet.  I know something will pop up.  Plus next week starts theatre camp so life will get busy again. I'm looking forward to it.  When there is no structure we all turn into blobs.

A peek into my day... dishes and clothes are being cleaned.  Kitties are being snuggled.  Kids are being lazy.  It's ok,  it is summer after all.