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Outside my window...  it started out a beautiful day.  Then around 3pm a front went thru and it got rainy.  REALLY rainy.  It's been drizzly on and off the rest of the day.   We get cold tomorrow and have freeze warnings for Thursday and Friday mornings.  By Sunday we are back to warm temps.  

I live a bit further north so my lows are a bit lower

Florida, the bipolar state.

I am thinking... that I need to finish planting what I have and keep them in the garage until Friday.  After that they should be fine to keep outside.

I am thankful... that I have a job.  Ok  I'm trying to be thankful that I have a job.  It's not horrible (most days) but honestly I would prefer to go back to staying home.  The IO and the rugrats feel the same.  Baby Girl had an Honor Roll ceremony this AM and I let her come home afterward.  She REALLY wanted me to stay home, but I couldn't.  Keep in mind it's not like she would be sitting next to me the rest of the day, but the kids are used to my presence in the house.  The IO is trying to find side work to make this happen. We'll see.  

In the kitchen... well I DID make dinner!!  I dont always as much as before, but I did tonight.  Pasta with sauce, garlic bread and a salad.  I think this week will be a week of using up what's in the fridge.....

I am wearing... red mickey mouse t-shirt, grey sweats and pink fuzzy socks.  

I am creating... not much.  I have one more row to finish on a charity blanket and then I can send it out.  It will be my last charity blanket for awhile since I want to work on some of my own stuff that's been sitting far too long.

I am going... a bit crazy with all that's on my plate.  Is my life chaotic?  Sure.  Do I handle it with a smile?  Absolutely (ok most days!) but I still feel a bit overwhelmed and I'm trying to figure out how to change it.

I am wondering... what life has in store 6 months from now.  

I am reading... I really am!!!  I checked out The Secret Life of a Knitter and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!!!  However I've renewed it 3 times and am only half way thru it.  It's time to return it to the library.  At least I tried!!!!  

I am hoping... that this post doesnt sound as depressing as I think it does!!!  It's late and I have no brain left to be witty and charming.  

I am looking forward to... our road trip to NC in the spring.  Wanderlust is kicking in big time and I'm ready to hit that open road.  

I am hearing....  Not much.  I have the tv paused while I finish this post, I hear somebody in the kitchen, the clicking of the keyboard, and the bathroom fan.  

Around the house... so I've planted some letttuce and a tomato plant and I have two pots of begonias outside the front door.  I still haven't planted the petunias.  Inside #1 Son has been wanting to paint his room and we finally bought paint last week.  The accent wall (a deep blue) is finished and the other three walls (ice blue, kind of what was in the movie Frozen) will be painted this wknd.

I am pondering... the pros vs the cons of me working.  

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things aka Hemi's Corner...

The best way to spend a rainy afternoon

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Tomorrow night is a religious meeting, Thursday night is steel drum for Baby Girl and #1 Son has been invited to a job fair hosted by Chipotle.  Friday morning is an appt with #1 Son's guidance counselor to figure out what is going on with his mid term grades (4 of his 7 teachers have yet to post his grades) and Friday afternoon Baby Girl is participating in a solo ensemble for music.  Firday night they have theatre.  Saturday we will finish off the plantings outside and get the rest of the paint for #1 Son's room.  In between all of this I will be running back and forth to work.  I am thankful they are this flexible for me, but it is slowly killing me.

A peek into my day... I dropped Baby Girl off at school early for Drama Club.  Met up with another mom and we went to Publix for donuts for two Honor Roll Ceremonies at school today.  Stayed to set up and waited until 10:45 for Baby Girl's Honor Roll Ceremony.  Got home at 11:30, grabbed lunch and headed back out to work.  Got back home around 3:30, checked emails, got a snack, looked at what #1 Son finished off in his room, discussed the week's plans with each kid.  Made dinner.  Suddenly it's 8pm.  

While it's not the same every day, it's this busy every day.  I refuse to let my job get in the way of the time spent with the kids so even though there are times I'm tired, we still go to plays and movies and run errands, etc.  This is what coffee is for!

Can you tell I'm getting tired and crabby???  :)

Ok if you want to play, go here.  Thanks for sifting thru my diatribes tonight.  Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!


Linda said…
Geez Lynn that makes me tired just reading it. lol I'm glad most of the time that I lead a very boring life.

Thanks for my Hemi fix.

Sandra Knapp said…
How nice, Hemi doesn't mind sharing his spot. :)

Sometimes being busy can be a good thing, so long as you still stop to smell the roses every day. Just take care and keep healthy. :)
Anonymous said…
Wow! I'm tired just thinking about all that. LOL

Seriously, don't you wish you could sleep like a cat?

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