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Friday Felines

Usually if you find one, you will find the other.

Warm Woolies Has One More

It's nice to be getting my knitting groove back again.  It's not completely here but I'm definitely making progress.  On Monday I finished off a charity vest that I started awhile back.

 What I love abt these charity projects is I get to use up some small pieces of wool.  Or those single balls of wool that were in a swap box or in a clearance bin. The grey yarn that I used in the vest looked darker when I originally picked it out.  It had more of a stripey effect than what the finished product has, but I still like it. And  that blue yarn I used at the end?  I wasn't sure if I would have enough to finish the vest,  but I figured I could always use two strands of black if I did.

I had just enough.

Project details are:

Warm Woolies Vest (size 6-8)

Size 10.5 needles with 2 strands held together.  Black and white/grey/blue wool used

Date start:  7/19/14
Date end:  6/15/15

Almost a year to finish this baby up.  I've been known to whip one out in a wknd.

One WIP down, 4 t…

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... 

Outside my window... Hot.  Hot hot hot!!!  It's not even noon and it feels like 104.  Actual temp is 89 with a high expected around 97.  We have already broken a heat record.  And it's only June.  Why can't we ever have record lows??  
I am thinking... that I really need to go thru the pile of bills in the box.  I just know that it wont end well......
I am thankful... for my a/c.  I really dont know how all those southern belles did it with it this hot and all those layers of clothing.  No wonder so many of them swooned!
I am wearing... I'm still in my pjs.  Yes I do realize it's almost noon and I dont care!  It's one of the perks of summer.
I am creating... and finishing!!!  Last monday I finished a charity vest that's been languishing for some time now.   I plan on weaving in all the ends today and will post abt it tomorrow.  It was a good project to get back into the swing of things.
I am going... to keep organizing and cleaning.  It's amazin…

Well That Was Interesting

The last time I worked in an office was when Baby Girl was in Pre-K.  It didnt work out very well.  Fast forward to 2014.  Now #1 Son and Baby Girl are teenagers.  And expensive.  So I try it again.   I went back to work  last July for almost a year.  It was part time, but I kept having to leave and take one kid here and pick up another kid there.  It felt more like a full time job.  I was exhausted.  We ate fast food.  A LOT. The house wasnt just a mess, it was dirty.   Plus we were still struggling to meet bills.  So we weighed the pros and cons.  Guess what?  There were more cons than pros so I gave my 2 week notice.  I miss the pay check but I dont miss the added stress.  It’s hard explaining that to some people because they figure the money trumps the chaos that is the rest of my life, but not leaving for work  every morning has helped immensely.  I knew it wasn’t just me thinking I was losing my mind when a teacher I’ve known for yrs asked me “What happened to you?”  He was j…