Well That Was Interesting

The last time I worked in an office was when Baby Girl was in Pre-K.  It didnt work out very well.  Fast forward to 2014.  Now #1 Son and Baby Girl are teenagers.  And expensive.  So I try it again.   I went back to work  last July for almost a year.  It was part time, but I kept having to leave and take one kid here and pick up another kid there.  It felt more like a full time job.  I was exhausted.  We ate fast food.  A LOT. The house wasnt just a mess, it was dirty.   Plus we were still struggling to meet bills.  So we weighed the pros and cons.  Guess what?  There were more cons than pros so I gave my 2 week notice.  I miss the pay check but I dont miss the added stress.  It’s hard explaining that to some people because they figure the money trumps the chaos that is the rest of my life, but not leaving for work  every morning has helped immensely.  I knew it wasn’t just me thinking I was losing my mind when a teacher I’ve known for yrs asked me “What happened to you?”  He was joking but it made an impact.  I had become more reactive than proactive.  Plus I am sorting thru my projects and Baby Girl said she cant remember the last time she saw me knit. Considering knitting keeps me sane, it’s been a rough year! 

So while I need to really keep the budget tight and maybe sell some extra stuff  on eBay, this is better.  I am the anchor for this family and when the anchor is off kilter, the whole ship runs amok!

My Saturday Sky.  Did you get a chance to look up today?

Now that I'm home, I'm slowly going thru the piles in my house.  I've never really fully unpacked.  AND we know we wont be living here much longer (another story for another post) so as I sort and clean, I look at what I have and decide if I want to move it or throw it out.  I've thrown a LOT out.  And I have 3 big bags to donate.

Part of the piles have been projects that have been ignored for a long time.  I pulled out this big boy to work on.

It will be a blanket to keep by the TV.  I'm at a stand still since I cant find the rest of the yarn (story of my life), but I found 3 other projects in various stages of completion plus another one that I have to make a swatch for (yuck)

Nine years and 1 week ago I started this blog (HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY TO ME!) It seems summers are a nice break in the action for us here and I'm going to take advantage of that and hopefully get my blog back in gear.  So if you see notifications that I've posted yet again, dont be surprised!!

I've been gone WAY too long!


Sandra Knapp said…
Yes Hemi, you and Mommy have both been gone, way too long.

SO GOOD to see you back Lynn. I've really missed your posts.

I'm sorry the job didn't work out as you'd hoped, but maybe it just was not meant to be. Best wishes to you all, and I look forward to hearing from you gain. :)
Linda said…
Great to see you posting again! Wow...you've had a lot going on. I agree with you completely about the money vs. your sanity. In the long run, it's not worth it; there are other ways; and it sounds like you're getting back on track. Good luck and good wishes for you and the family. Love reading your posts.
Linda said…
I'm so glad that you and Hemi are back Lynn. I've missed reading your posts and seeing your projects. Where are you moving to?

Anonymous said…
Okay .......read the last blog post first. Now I know the answer to my question.

Hope you have a great summer!

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