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The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... 

Outside my window... Rain.  There is a low that developed in the Gulf that is migrating its way across the state.  Which means rain.  Lots and LOTS of rain.  I don't mind it.  It keeps the temps in the 80s.   
I am thinking... that until the kids are out of school, I will be busy.  This is show week for the kids and not only are they ramping up rehearsals, but I'm there more often as well.  We are there thru scholarships and part of the requirements are volunteering and providing items for the concession stand.  Baked goods, full sized candy bars, bottled water.  I buy on sale and help out making candy grams, little bags of candy we sell for $1 for friends and family to buy for their kids in the show.  It's a great money maker which helps reimburse the scholarship fund for future shows.   
I am thankful... for ankle braces.  Baby Girl twisted her ankle last week but it's not getting a chance to heal since she is on it every day, so she is wearing a brace.  S…

Saturday Sky

The verdict of the dueling dressings?  They tied!  They were different enough to be liked by all.  I will be adding them to my arsenal.  
It was really fun meeting up with my group yesterday.  We tried some tasty new recipes and I cast on for my sweater.  
However the day was truly a comedy of errors:  
1.  The filter shifted in my coffee maker so that I had more grounds IN my coffee than in the filter.  I had to strain it twice to get drinkable coffee. 
2.  Some of the lettuce that was bought for my salad was eaten last night so I had to run to the grocery store for more.  By the time I got back home, all I had time to do was take a shower before meeting with my friends.  I had to put all the salad ingredients and sweater ingredients into bags to assemble when there.
3.  I bought a new hair oil that is supposed to be so light weight you can use it as a leave in conditioner.  I looked like a grease pit even after I dried my hair.  I had no time to reshampoo so I went looking like I w…

Dueling Dressings

I'm doing something tomorrow I havent done is months.  I'm meeting up with my local crafting group.  We each work on something and then have lunch.  We all bring something for lunch and sit and chat until one of us has to leave.

I'm bringing a salad, but instead of bringing store bought dressings, I decided to try some homemade ones.  I couldnt decide between two so my friends will be my guinea pigs!

I made one creamy one and one vinaigrette.  I lean toward the creamy one, even though it's not as creamy as I was expecting.  It truly is a creamy vinaigrette, while I was expecting more of a ranch consistency.

I will let you all know who the winner was.

Meawhile I have started a sweater.  Actually I made a swatch for a sweater!.

(insert picture of swatch here, I cant seem to attach it)
This is amazing since I NEVER swatch!  I usually just start knitting and check as I go along.  My gauge was dead on so I will be casting on for this sweater either tonight or tomorrow.  I…

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today
Outside my window... right now, beautiful.  When I drop the kids off for theatre camp, I see the metal heron and it makes me smile.  It's the Bird Fountain in the local park.  My phone did not capture the beauty of the morning, but it still makes me smile.

I am thinking... of many things.  The caffeine has kicked in and its making my mind abuzz with projects!  I just wish it wasnt so hot outside or else I would tackle the garage, AKA the black hole. 

I am thankful... for coffee.  It really does clear the cobwebs that seem to form overnight.  However I am trying to cut back on the caffeine intake.  So instead of 4 scoops of coffee, I have cut back to 3 scoop of high octane and 1 scoop of low tess.  I want to cut back to half caff in the morning coffee.  I know it will kick back up once school events start rolling in, but for now it will work.

I am wearing... beige shorts and a VERY old Miami Heat t-shirt from 1995.  It is very worn, has a ton of holes, but it's SOO comfy …

The Boy Needs a Milkshake!

#1 Son was clearing out some of his old clothes and he came across these.

I made these for him when he still looked like this.

That would be Oct of 2008.  He was almost 10.  He is now 16 and they still fit.

I think I need to feed him more......

Already a month has passed??

In July alone, I have been to NC and back.


However I still try to make it interesting.

Theatre camp has started,

 and they will be performing Thoroughly Modern Millie.

#1 Son has gotten his license,

we've had car trouble with not one but BOTH vehicles at one time (thank goodness for AAA).

We have also been to the vet

and the eye doctor.

Needless to say it's been an expensive few weeks!  I've also been cleaning and sorting.  Some people love to clean.  Not in my DNA, but I'm sick of the state of this house.

I did break down and got something I normally would talk myself out of.  I bought a quilt from Target for $40.
It was on clearance and I really need a new one.  Normally I would never even consider buying it because I literally have enough fabric to make many of these, but as you see by my schedule, it's just not happening.  I did watch Fons and Porter on TV a couple of days ago and it was SO nice to watch.  I also watched a new episode of Knitting Da…