Already a month has passed??

In July alone, I have been to NC and back.
It's not a road trip until we cross the Bow Tie Bridge!!!

Must be a holiday wknd.....I-95 is literally a parking lot

However I still try to make it interesting.
Things you find while geocaching!

Cousins getting along.

More geocaching and an example of a cache.  #1 Son found this one.  The travel bug (the 4 Nature key chain) is ours.  

A honky tonk band in SC

Theatre camp has started,
Head shot of #1 Son

Head shot of Baby Girl
 and they will be performing Thoroughly Modern Millie.

#1 Son has gotten his license,

we've had car trouble with not one but BOTH vehicles at one time (thank goodness for AAA).
He insisted on changing the spare himself.  After he was covered in sweat and dirt did he agree to call  AAA.  

We have also been to the vet
Princess will need a teeth cleaning.

and the eye doctor.
Her new glasses

Needless to say it's been an expensive few weeks!  I've also been cleaning and sorting.  Some people love to clean.  Not in my DNA, but I'm sick of the state of this house.

I did break down and got something I normally would talk myself out of.  I bought a quilt from Target for $40.
It was on clearance and I really need a new one.  Normally I would never even consider buying it because I literally have enough fabric to make many of these, but as you see by my schedule, it's just not happening.  I did watch Fons and Porter on TV a couple of days ago and it was SO nice to watch.  I also watched a new episode of Knitting Daily, but believe it or not it was an episode on how to use those novelty yarns.  Really?  Novelty yarn is still relavant??  They showed a striped sweater with regular wool and novelty yarn.  It was pretty but I would never wear it, too itchy.

Everybody else good?  Having a good summer??


Linda said…
Great post Lynn but it sounds like you have been very busy.

Linda said…
Sounds like you're having a very, very busy but interesting summer! Love your pics. LOL....your husband sounds like mine when it comes to repairing anything. Thank goodness the older he gets, the more agreeable he is to letting someone else do the work. I agree with the housework....after 52 yrs, I've had enough. Until it's so bad even I can't stand it. Cleaning house is on my agenda today, unfortunately. And I feel the same about cooking. Oh so agree with the novelty yarn thing....what is that all about and why is it still around?? Oh well, to each his own. Wishing you and the family a continued great summer.
Sandra Knapp said…
Oh my goodness, the kids are growing like crazy. I hardly recognize them any more. LOL Like little caterpillars, they are morphing into beautiful butterflies!! You must be so very proud. :)

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