Dueling Dressings

I'm doing something tomorrow I havent done is months.  I'm meeting up with my local crafting group.  We each work on something and then have lunch.  We all bring something for lunch and sit and chat until one of us has to leave.

I'm bringing a salad, but instead of bringing store bought dressings, I decided to try some homemade ones.  I couldnt decide between two so my friends will be my guinea pigs!

I made one creamy one and one vinaigrette.  I lean toward the creamy one, even though it's not as creamy as I was expecting.  It truly is a creamy vinaigrette, while I was expecting more of a ranch consistency.

I will let you all know who the winner was.

Meawhile I have started a sweater.  Actually I made a swatch for a sweater!.

(insert picture of swatch here, I cant seem to attach it)

This is amazing since I NEVER swatch!  I usually just start knitting and check as I go along.  My gauge was dead on so I will be casting on for this sweater either tonight or tomorrow.  I really should do it tonight so I can just do straight ribbing while there, but I'm really tired and I dont think it will look right.  Depending on how much time I have tomorrow after dropping kids off to theatre and before I head over to my friend's house, I may do it then.


Anonymous said…
Have fun! Can't wait to see a photo of the sweater start.

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