Saturday Sky

It's Saturday, did you look up today?

The verdict of the dueling dressings?  They tied!  They were different enough to be liked by all.  I will be adding them to my arsenal.  

It was really fun meeting up with my group yesterday.  We tried some tasty new recipes and I cast on for my sweater.  
Three more rows of ribbing and  then I get to start 17" of stockinette stitch.  Great time to catch up on movies!

However the day was truly a comedy of errors:  

1.  The filter shifted in my coffee maker so that I had more grounds IN my coffee than in the filter.  I had to strain it twice to get drinkable coffee. 

2.  Some of the lettuce that was bought for my salad was eaten last night so I had to run to the grocery store for more.  By the time I got back home, all I had time to do was take a shower before meeting with my friends.  I had to put all the salad ingredients and sweater ingredients into bags to assemble when there.

3.  I bought a new hair oil that is supposed to be so light weight you can use it as a leave in conditioner.  I looked like a grease pit even after I dried my hair.  I had no time to reshampoo so I went looking like I was wearing Jerry Curl. At least  I was clean.

4.  As I was using my friend's tomato knife to cut up the veggies, I impaled my finger.  To be fair the knife looked more like you would use it to gut a fish instead of chop tomatoes, and I was JUST about to switch it out for the one I brought but not soon enough. I did not bleed on anything so once I was cleaned up and bandaged we continued on as usual.  

5.  We were talking and relaxing and having a great time when I got a text from Baby Girl asking to go to a friend's house after theatre.  And could I bring her bathing suit.   It is time to pick her up and I am totally not ready to go.  

6.  I throw things into bags, gather my stuff, hug everybody goodbye and off I go.  I get the bathing suit, and head to get #1 Son.  As soon as he gets in the car HE wants to go with his friends that night to Ocala to see a friend perform in Into The Woods.  I'm leaning toward no.  These are all new drivers and I'm not comfortable with them driving thru Ocala National Forest at night.  

7.  I drop off the stuff to Baby Girl and the first thing she asks is if she can go to Ocala as well.  Apparently there are more people going and moms are driving.  Once us moms iron out the details, #1 Son and I head home to change, grab food and head back out again.

8.  I take my second shower and no longer feel like a grease monkey.  

9.  Our plan is to stop at the bank to get some cash and grab some food.  I get a text telling us the play starts at 7pm instead of 7:30pm, can we meet at 5:15 instead of 5:30.

10.  Forget the Starbucks (tear) and the drive thru, we grab cheese sticks and cereal bars.

11.  We have a caravan of 3 cars full of theatre kids.  I am in the car with all but one boy.  The one boy is #1 Son and he is in a car with the older girls.  My son is no dummy.

12.  We arrive 15 min before it starts and get in line for our tickets.  
SOMEBODY likes to make an entrance!

What a bunch of theatre kids look like

We called ahead to block out enough seats for our group.  As we each pay for our portion, the computer crashes.  When they get it back on line, it has no record of what seats it gave us or that we paid.  We delay the performance by 15 min.  (Why yes Devin, it WAS our fault that you guys had to wait to start the show!)

13.  We got to watch a wonderful performance with very talented kids.  This theatre has a summer camp for kids, but it's ages 16 - 20.  There is much talent here.  However there are no pictures since at this point my phone is dead.

14.  We hoot and holler for our friend during the final bows.  

The tall blond guy in the grey shirt is the reason for the drive.  He was one of the princes and did a fabulous job!

15.  Thankfully the drive home was uneventful, even though we almost ran out of gas.  

       In the middle of the forest.  

       Where there is sketchy cell service.  

By the time we get home it is after midnight.  I am beyond tired so I make my tea and head to bed.  

Whoever says I would be bored staying at home has no scope of imagination.  I seriously could not make this stuff up.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you need to get a job so you can get some rest. LOL

Hope the finer is not impeding the knitting.
Sandra Knapp said…
Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about your day. But it sounds like a great time was had by all, both at your craft meet-up and the evening performance. Definitely a day to be remembered. :)
Linda said…
That made me tired just reading it Lynn. lol I think you need to go back to work so you can rest.


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