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Outside my window... Rain.  There is a low that developed in the Gulf that is migrating its way across the state.  Which means rain.  Lots and LOTS of rain.  I don't mind it.  It keeps the temps in the 80s.   

I am thinking... that until the kids are out of school, I will be busy.  This is show week for the kids and not only are they ramping up rehearsals, but I'm there more often as well.  We are there thru scholarships and part of the requirements are volunteering and providing items for the concession stand.  Baked goods, full sized candy bars, bottled water.  I buy on sale and help out making candy grams, little bags of candy we sell for $1 for friends and family to buy for their kids in the show.  It's a great money maker which helps reimburse the scholarship fund for future shows.   

I am thankful... for ankle braces.  Baby Girl twisted her ankle last week but it's not getting a chance to heal since she is on it every day, so she is wearing a brace.  She wore this exact one a couple years back.  She will need to leave it on for the show, but I need to get her one in black.  The white one sticks out like a sore thumb.  

I am wearing... I'm in my pjs.  

I am creating... I am making progress on my sweater.  I'm abt 6 inches in.  
I'm impressed I've gotten this much done!

I am going... to be at the theatre on and off for the rest of the week.  

I am wondering...  how I am going to finish out the week at theatre only to attend a band orientation meeting Sunday night.  Oh I know, copious amounts of coffee!!!

I am reading... play schedules, assignment rosters, costume requirements

I am watching...  right now I have The Wedding Date on while I post.  I am still watching episodes of M*A*S*H on Netflix and catching old episodes of Reba on cable.  Summer TV at it's best!

I am hoping... to clean off the foot of the bed sometime Saturday.  I'm getting quite the pile.

I am hearing......the bathroom fan.  I have the movie paused while I finish up this post.  

In my garden...  I think I need to just not add this until Oct.  I dont plan on doing much outside until after we move.  

In my kitchen... Tonight's dinner was chicken with a premade marsala sauce, noodles and mushrooms.  I wasnt thrilled with it, but everybody else was!!!  I have another packet of the sauce which I will use but I'm not sure it will become a staple in the pantry.

Also if you have a recipe that is gluten free and you have tasted it, can you post it in the comments?  I know of somebody who is trying to go gluten free and it's proving to be more difficult than anticipated.  No this person is not me, but I want to help.  We already have web sights and recipes, but I'm looking for ones already tried.

A favorite quote for today...


One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's Corner:  

Have you SEEN the inside of dad's shoes???

A peek into my summer:  Theatre and band.  That's also my winter.  Its amazing how much of my life centers around my kids, but I am enjoying every minute I can. 

If you want to play, go here.


Linda said…
Oh thanks for the awesome Hemi pic Lynn. Makes me tired just reading how busy you are. Its a good thing you retired again.

Anonymous said…
Hope Meghan's ankle feels better soon. How is your foot doing from when you hurt it? Better now?

When are you moving? Do you know where yet?

Giroux says HI HEMI!
Sandra Knapp said…
I have to be honest, I don't envy you all that running about. I'm exhausted just reading your journal. LOL

I've been gluten free for over 3 years & have way too many yummy recipes to list here :) I always send gluten free newbies to Shirley at Gluten Free Easily ( She always responds to questions & comments & her recipes are easy (hence the name :) & delicious!

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