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For Today

I've started this post four times this AM and I've deleted every one.  I've decided to keep it simple and a bit more upbeat.  There is enough negativity in this world and I refuse to add to it.

Life can get very stressful and if we aren't careful we can be consumed by it.  So for today, I plan on fighting that stress the best I can.

Today I started the day by walking.  I didn't run 5 miles.  I didn't even walk a full mile.  I walked down the street and back, a half mile.  Not much, but better than I normally would do.  At one point I had a goal to walk a mile a day, but mentally I didn't want to.  However I *can* walk down the street and back.

Since I went for a walk, I'm actually dressed for the day and it's only 8:30.  I've also made coffee, fed the cats and cleaned out litter boxes.

I read somewhere the best way to stay afloat in this life is to start:

early in the dayearly in the weekearly in the monthearly in the year
Right now all I wan…

Slow and Steady

In my never ending quest to organize, I decided to work in the office today.  It never really got unpacked and while I did organize yarn at one point, this room has become a catch all for junk.  It is hopelessly messy and my goal was to not get distracted by smaller projects (THAT'S where that quilt went!) and focus at the task at hand.  I took before and after pics.

I at least now have a place to sit/stand/walk.  I came across a couple of boxes that I wont bother unpacking.  It just has books I want to save.  I tried to organize the bookshelves a bit better as well.  Knitting books in one place, cook books in another.  I did about half.

I also had an epiphany today.  I have a ton of magazines with recipes that I want to try.  Piles of "Oh that would be yummy for an appetizer" or "wouldn't that be perfect for a pot luck"??  But when I need an appetizer or pot luck recipe, I can never find them.  That was when I realized I can look them up on line and post …

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... 

Outside my window...  today was cloudy but no rain.  We've been getting rain at least once a day for abt a week now.  Aug 1st actually had a breeze!!  It's courtesy of two lows on either side of the state.  I think there is another one forming as one dissipates, will be watching the weather for more details.

I am thinking... I need to leave soon to get #1 Son from band practice.  Theatre is over, band camp has begun.  School and theatre start back up on  the 24th.  Band rehearsals and football games begin.  Not sure how #1 Son is going to handle it all.  

I am thankful... for community theatre.  It makes my kids very happy.

I am wearing... pjs.  

I am creating... I did 3 more rows on the sweater last night.  I plan to work on it some more after I get #1 Son.  I didnt even touch it since the last time I blogged, show week gets busy!

I am going... to be cleaning out my purse once I finish this post.  I havent cleaned it out in two weeks and its full of receipts.  

I am wo…