For Today

I've started this post four times this AM and I've deleted every one.  I've decided to keep it simple and a bit more upbeat.  There is enough negativity in this world and I refuse to add to it.

Life can get very stressful and if we aren't careful we can be consumed by it.  So for today, I plan on fighting that stress the best I can.

Today I started the day by walking.  I didn't run 5 miles.  I didn't even walk a full mile.  I walked down the street and back, a half mile.  Not much, but better than I normally would do.  At one point I had a goal to walk a mile a day, but mentally I didn't want to.  However I *can* walk down the street and back.

Since I went for a walk, I'm actually dressed for the day and it's only 8:30.  I've also made coffee, fed the cats and cleaned out litter boxes.

I read somewhere the best way to stay afloat in this life is to start:

  • early in the day
  • early in the week
  • early in the month
  • early in the year

Right now all I want to do is walk a half mile every day.  If I add anymore I know I will crash and burn.

Not bad for a Monday!

I'm a teenaged kitty, you need to feed me first.


Anonymous said…
Every day will get a little easier with the walking.

Giroux says hello to Theo. Or he would, if he wasn't stuffing his face with my breakfast. ;-)

Linda said…
Good for you Lynn. I wish I could walk. Love the kitty pic.


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