Slow and Steady

In my never ending quest to organize, I decided to work in the office today.  It never really got unpacked and while I did organize yarn at one point, this room has become a catch all for junk.  It is hopelessly messy and my goal was to not get distracted by smaller projects (THAT'S where that quilt went!) and focus at the task at hand.  I took before and after pics.



I at least now have a place to sit/stand/walk.  I came across a couple of boxes that I wont bother unpacking.  It just has books I want to save.  I tried to organize the bookshelves a bit better as well.  Knitting books in one place, cook books in another.  I did about half.

I also had an epiphany today.  I have a ton of magazines with recipes that I want to try.  Piles of "Oh that would be yummy for an appetizer" or "wouldn't that be perfect for a pot luck"??  But when I need an appetizer or pot luck recipe, I can never find them.  That was when I realized I can look them up on line and post them to my Pinterest boards.

*and then the heavens opened and the angels sang*  

Why have I not thought of this sooner???  It will alleviate SO MUCH PAPERWORK from my house!  I am still keeping cook books, but all those magazine pages will now live with me virtually.

Last but not least, I'm abt 13" and one skein in on this sweater.

Not as much as it could be, but I'm happy I'm moving along!!


Anonymous said…
I find I use fewer and fewer recipes......we eat pretty plain these days. I've given away almost ally cookbooks. The knitting books STAY! LOL
Sandra Knapp said…
Gee Lynn,
I never thought of adding recipes I want to try to my Pinterest page either. What a good idea. Thanks so much.

Your "junk" room looked tidy to me, compared to my 50 year old son's bedroom, and that is not an exaggeration. His room looks like a bomb went off in there, and his bathroom is even worse. I don't know how he can stand it, but he's the one living in it, not me. Good job on the organizing. :)
Linda said…
Your room is looking good Lynn. Only problem when I do that, then I can't find anything. lol
Nice progress on your sweater.


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