For Today... 

Outside my window.... It is fall in Florida.  Yesterday morning was the first morning where it did NOT feel like a sauna when I stepped outside.  Today is rain, rain and more rain.  It doesnt look any different for the next couple of days either.  I dont mind.  I really think I could live in Portland.

My Saturday Sky

I am thinking... too many thoughts.  They are keeping me up at night and I dont like that.  I'm also waking up with more headaches that last the entire day.  I dont like that even more.  Where do we live in Nov?  Can we afford it?  What is the budget?  Keeping up with the schedule for theatre and band  (each kid is in a different cast AND band right now) plus sorting and saving and And AND...... I'm not overwhelmed (yet) but I need to make sure to add in some stretching exercises and walking.  I need to include some quiet time for me if I'm going to survive this.  And I WILL survive (cue Gloria Gaynor).  I'm stubborn like that.

I am thankful... for the little things.  A car charger for my phone.  A sleepy purring cat on my foot (that would be Theo).  Excedrin. 

I am wearing... a big t-shirt and tan shorts

I am creating... still working on the back of the sweater. I think I have another inch before i start the neck decreases.   I also finished up the alterations on the last band uniform.  SO glad that is done!  

I am going... to update my agenda after I finish this post.  Schedules keep changing and I want to be sure I don't forget anything.

I am wondering... what some people are thinking when they renovate a house.  I looked at a rental yesterday that had a 8' x 16' master bedroom (you could only fit a single in it but it had it's own bathroom) and if you wanted to load the dishwasher you had to open the oven first.  

I am watching... I'm on season 7 of M*A*S*H on Netflix.  And I watched something last night that I've NEVER watched before.  Dancing With The Stars.  I dont like reality tv (and I consider DWTS to be reality tv) but there was nothing else on.  It wasnt bad!  Not sure I'll watch each week, I usually just wait until the next day to see who was voted off, but I was impressed with some of the ppl on there.

I am hoping... I find a nice place to live.

I am hearing... the news.  Nobody else is home.  

In my kitchen... I am roasting a chicken for dinner.  Normally I stuff the cavity with a mixture of worcestershire sauce, bbq sauce, garlic and olive oil.  Today I decided to switch it up and used lemon juice, thyme, sweet basil, olive oil and an onion.  We just finished it (because my post has taken me all day) and it was GOOD!

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things AKA Hemi's Corner...

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Anonymous said…
You need a stitch day!!!!! ;-)

Hemi always make me smile. You know ... he is ONE of the reasons I wanted a kitty of my own. Shelby was the other reason. I always thought I would get a ginger kitty from a rescue organization.

But, a sweet little tabby found me first. LOL
Linda said…
Sounds like busy times Lynn. Love my Hemi pic.


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