How Bad Could it Be??

Baby Girl has been experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes.  She loves to play but she is MESSY!  I try to get her to clean as she goes, but that doesn't always never works.  I have a couple of friends tell me that I should make a rule,  if she doesn't clean up, then she can't cook.  While it adds to my workload, I can't bring myself to do that.  There will be enough time for her to clean when she moves out.  Meanwhile I want her to experiment with different recipes and not worry abt the 3 pots she uses for pudding.

Which leads me to my post.  She made an Indian Pudding (didn't keep the recipe, it was NOT good!) that required her to constantly stir the milk.  While she stirred the milk, the bottom of the pot burned. I could NOT get it clean, even after soaking it for a couple of days and  then scrubbing.  Fast forward to yesterday.  I google *how to clean a burnt pot* and it said to boil some vinegar in the pot, add some baking soda (it will bubble) and after it cools, it will be easy to clean.

My reality:

The good news is not only is my pot clean, but so is the stove!!


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…

That was quite a volcano.

I bet it SMELLED good too! LOL

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