Midweek Update

School has been in session for less than two weeks.  In that time we've had school pictures,

11th grade.  Why yes that DOES make him a Junior in high school.

8th grade - last year of middle school

schedule changes requiring not one but two trips to the guidance counselor,

football games

and band practice.

 I've finished three band uniforms

and teamed up with some other PTO members to butt heads with the fairly new principal.  It's gonna be a fun year!

We've also started theatre with rehearsals on opposite days of marching band.  Auditions have been completed and parts assigned.

All of this while planning around the chance of a tropical storm.

Bits of Erika coming to visit

I'm keeping myself sane by working on my sweater.  I *should* be organizing and packing non essential items, but where's the fun in that??  I want to enjoy the quiet of the house when I can.  I'll be posting pics soon.


Linda said…
Sounds like a busy two weeks Lynn. When and where are you moving to?

Anonymous said…
Looks like the kids are keeping you on the go. LOL

Have you found a place you like yet?

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