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Taking the Morning Off

Normally after I take Baby Girl to school I start the chores for the day.  I have the tv on and I will start to clean or organize something.  Or plan or prepare for an upcoming event.  Life has become quite hectic and I'm feeling the pressure.  Many moons ago I used to read.  I used to cross stitch.  I used to quilt.  I used to knit.

Notice how those sentences start with I used to.  Also notice how those were things I did for me.  

I've decided to reclaim some of those things back for me. Today instead of starting laundry/cleaning/organizing, I decided to take the morning off.  There is no tv on.  No radio is playing in the background.  No lights are on in the house.  I have the windows open and it's raining.  It's quiet and calm and fresh.

Just what the doctor ordered.
Yes I do have my computer on, but I have only read blogs this morning.  No news sites.  No Facebook.  The blogs I read are crafty.

Oh that's a beautiful quilt! 

I LOVE that idea for the front porch…
For Today... 

Outside my window...

It's cloudy and a bit drizzly.  We've got a low sitting over us and a cool front coming thru.
I am thinking... about how I need to go here.

Life is too stressful and this seems like a nice area to breathe.

I am thankful... for an on the ball guidance counselor.  He is trying to be helpful on an individual scale instead of making my kid fit into a prefab box.

I am wearing... pajamas.  I was in regular clothes earlier but I went back into pjs.  It's that kind of day.

I am creating... nothing new but I want to cast on for the front of my sweater.
I am going... to be more choosy with whom I share my problems with.  Everybody has an opinion and can be quite forceful with said opinion.  Asking for an opinion does not mean I need you to decide for me.  Another reason why I'm back in my pjs.
I am wondering... If I will ever live out of state again.  Hmm, I probably just need to travel more.  
I am reading... a mindless Harlequinn Romance.  Not sure wh…
For Today... 

Outside my window... we've had some really nice days.  I've actually been able to open the windows and air the house out!!  I so look forward to cooler days.

I am thinking... that Baby Girl is in her last year of middle school and that I will soon have two kids in high school.  That is wild.

I am thankful... for many things.  For my health, both physical and mental.  For a home.  For a family.  When life gets overwhelming, I remember I'm not running for my life in Syria.  Plus it helps to know where I'm living.

I am wearing... pjs.

I am creating... solace out of a chaotic life.  At least trying to.

I am going... thru my closet and decided that the candles I bought 5 years ago and the baby outfits that I bought 8 years ago need to go.  

I am wondering... when the HOA is going to post abt a community yard sale.  They have one twice a year and I never put anything out.  I plan on changing that this year.  I may not be moving, but I do want to go thru my stuff and g…

Redirecting, Refocusing and Reorganizing

It is October.  September is in the books and I'm SO happy it's over!

Where we live is no longer in question.  We are staying put.  There are few rentals in our area and it's amazing what people will try to pass off as a rental.  I have been looking at rentals since mid August.  The good ones get snatched up in a matter of days.  There was one that I was scheduled to look at when I got an email that the showing was cancelled, it had been rented.  WHA?!?!  It wasnt even on the market yet!  However somebody put in an application with only the pictures on the website to go by.  I won't do that.  No one takes pics of the water leaks or wonky stove or grow house.  (Why yes we DID look at a place with a grow house!  The attic was converted by previous renters who grew weed in it.  Hence the water damage.)

There was only one house I really liked;  screened in porch, fire pit, down the street from the school, newly renovated inside and plenty of space for us all.  However I a…