For Today... 

Outside my window...

It's cloudy and a bit drizzly.  We've got a low sitting over us and a cool front coming thru.

I am thinking... about how I need to go here.

Life is too stressful and this seems like a nice area to breathe.

I am thankful... for an on the ball guidance counselor.  He is trying to be helpful on an individual scale instead of making my kid fit into a prefab box.

I am wearing... pajamas.  I was in regular clothes earlier but I went back into pjs.  It's that kind of day.

I am creating... nothing new but I want to cast on for the front of my sweater.

I am going... to be more choosy with whom I share my problems with.  Everybody has an opinion and can be quite forceful with said opinion.  Asking for an opinion does not mean I need you to decide for me.  Another reason why I'm back in my pjs.

I am wondering... If I will ever live out of state again.  Hmm, I probably just need to travel more.  

I am reading... a mindless Harlequinn Romance.  Not sure which one, but they are all pretty much the same.  

I am hoping... to do more geocaching.  Now that the weather is getting a bit cooler (ok, less hot) I want to get out there more.

I am hearing... The Chew is on tv.  

In my garden... nothing yet, but the IO cleaned up the front of the house; weeded, raked leaves, edged, trimmed bushes.  It looks fantastic, except for the pile of weeds, leaves and cut shrubbery that is on my driveway.

In my kitchen... I made some home made mac and cheese with ham last night for dinner with a side of kale.  It was GOOD!  I made a smaller gluten free version for Baby Girl but it didnt go over so well.  

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things aka Hemi's Corner...

Not sure if I posted this before, but it makes me smile so up it goes!!

Ok friends, if you want to play go here.  And thanks for reading!


Anonymous said…
Such a sweet picture of Hemi. Love his little "hands" tucked in.

He looks like such a sweet boy.

Sorry you had such a rough day. :::sigh::: Just remember --- opinions are like butt holes ---- everybody has one.

Hope tomorrow is a better day.
Linda said…
Love the pic of Hemi Lynn.

A bit sad post... or just melancholic?

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