Taking the Morning Off

Normally after I take Baby Girl to school I start the chores for the day.  I have the tv on and I will start to clean or organize something.  Or plan or prepare for an upcoming event.  Life has become quite hectic and I'm feeling the pressure.  Many moons ago I used to read.  I used to cross stitch.  I used to quilt.  I used to knit.

Notice how those sentences start with I used to.  Also notice how those were things I did for me.  

I've decided to reclaim some of those things back for me. Today instead of starting laundry/cleaning/organizing, I decided to take the morning off.  There is no tv on.  No radio is playing in the background.  No lights are on in the house.  I have the windows open and it's raining.  It's quiet and calm and fresh.

Princess is enjoying the rain as well.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Yes I do have my computer on, but I have only read blogs this morning.  No news sites.  No Facebook.  The blogs I read are crafty.

Oh that's a beautiful quilt! 

I LOVE that idea for the front porch!!  

Look, NaBloPoMo is starting.

Wait, what???  Why yes, NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month.  A month where you post something every day.  I used to do that!  So, in the spirit of reclaiming some of the things I used to do, I am going to attempt to post every day in November.  

We'll see how that works out!

Meanwhile I am going to read a bit while there is still some calmness to the day.

Have a good one!!


Anonymous said…
Sounds like the perfect morning.

Hope it refreshed you and made the rest of the day just a little bit better!
Linda said…
Good for you Lynn.


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