Cleaning out the fridge

I love left overs.  I love taking what is left of a meal and making something out of it the next day.  I especially love when there is a meat or a veggie left over, no matter how much.  It might not be much for a serving, but throw it in some eggs and BOOM you have an omelette!!


I had a burger left over from dinner the other night and nobody ate it the next day.  So I crumbled it up, and started to clean out the fridge.  Some left over kale here, a few mushrooms there.  Throw in some garlic and hot pepper flakes for flavor.  Scramble in some eggs and top it all off with the last piece of swiss cheese.  I even toasted up the bun the burger was on.

Breakfast is served!!

Any left over starch like pasta or rice needs some kind of sauce.  And I've found that frozen potatoes (like french fries or tots) dont heat up well the next day.  They need to be the real deal to taste good.

So where do you stand?  Are leftovers something to be excited abt, just waiting for a second chance in a meal, or do they sit in the back of the fridge slowly becoming a science experiment?


Bridget said…
I love leftovers. We usually make good use of them, except on the occasion that the containers get pushed to the back of the fridge and we don't seem them until it's too late.
Linda said…
I love leftovers. DH is not fond of them. The end of the week I throw everything in a pan and call it dinner.

Anonymous said…
A little bit of both.

Steve doesn't mind taking leftovers to work for his lunch.

I'm not a big fan of leftovers, but I also hate to waste. I have the world's worst fridge. It freezes things in the fridge part --- so sometimes things that WERE good, aren't anymore. :-(

I can be pretty creative if the leftovers are still good though.

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