Day 12

My way of traveling right now is vicariously thru you, my dear reader.  I enjoy pictures of different parts of the US, but I especially love places in Europe.  Europe is old.  I mean REALLY old!  Buildings that have been standing for hundreds of years.

America is a fairly new country.  The oldest spots are less than 300 years old (for the most part)  Plus people in America want NEW! and IMPROVED!!  When we were looking at houses, the older ones were the ones we liked the best.  They have more character and we like that.  

Ok not much architecture in this dwelling built 5500yrs ago, but the view is fantastic!

So as I read thru my blogroll I see that Bonnie is in Peru and Jan went to Latvia and Finland and Estonia.  She said in one of the towns MOST of the buildings were from the 13th-16th centuries.  VERY cool!!  

I also enjoy House Hunters International.  The episodes where people are looking for a place to live, NOT vacation.  Those bug me.

University of Northwestern University Hall 1869

So what do you do when you want to travel?  Search on line?  Watch foreign movies?  Make an excuse to visit family out of state??


Anonymous said…
I'm pretty much a homebody .......but luckily when I want to go, I just do. It's one of the benefits of being an old lady! LOL

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