Day 2

As I was catching up on blog reading, CJ from Above The River posted some pictures of a castle.  This got me thinking, visiting a castle has to be added to my bucket list.  I've always been fascinated by them and would love to actually stay in one.  I've mentioned this to the IO, but he has no desire.  He thinks it will be cold and damp.  I dont want to LIVE in one, I just want to stay in one!  That's ok, Baby Girl will most likely be my travel partner when she gets older.  She already wants to go to Sweden and I'm sure I can find a drafty old castle in the country somewhere. (I just googled it and there are plenty)  That is, after we stay here.

I guess everything is on the rocks.....

After I left her blog, I started looking on line and found this place. Chateau Gudanes .  It is an old rundown castle that an Australian couple bought and are now renovating.  I cant even imagine.  Gutting a bathroom is one thing, restoring a castle is a life long endeavor.

But it is a beauty.

What travel plans would you love to take?


Anonymous said…
I'm actually NOT much on travelling. I would like to find my perfect place and just stay put. It might be back in Philadelphia or it might just be in Fernandina Beach.

We haven't decided that yet. LOL

I hope you get to your castle one day. Aren't CJ's photos AMAZING?????
Linda said…
Oh I want to go to Disney World.


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