We were having problems with our a/c (AGAIN) (this is Florida and we are breaking heat records left and right!) so soon after I dropped Baby Girl off at school, #1 Son and I decided to get out of the house for a bit.  We went geocaching and did some hiking along some of the local trails.

We also decided to drive to a  town that we hardly ever get a chance to go to.

He's such a good son to humor his mother!

I love this area and really need to visit it more.

It's quite peaceful when nobody is around!

My view from that bench

He was fishing with little concern of us being there!

They have a boardwalk with trails around the lake that are really nice.  It was SO peaceful and the breeze coming off the lake made the walk really pleasant.  It was misty and cloudy and such a nice break from the heat.  When we got home it was much more humid and warm, but I totally enjoyed my daycation with my boy.


Angie said…
Awesome way to spend the day!
Anonymous said…
And you captured some beautiful pictures. :-)
Linda said…
Sounds like a fun day Lynn.


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