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Outside my window... HEAT!  We broke heat records in Daytona (high of 90 with a previous record of 89) and near heat records in Ocala and Orlando.  It's NOVEMBER!!  "They" said we would have a colder, wetter winter.  Apparently it will only be for a day.  Right now at 10:30am my phone weather app says it's 81 with a real feel of 94.  The high is expected to be 89.  Humidity is also high.  Blech.

I am thinking... our last band competition is on Saturday.  Last year we FROZE.  The morning had a wind chill of 36.  It hit the 50s during the day.  This year we will bake.  We are expecting a high of 86.  Florida has bipolar weather.

I am thankful... for a/c.  I am thankful for this often.  I live in Florida.

I am wearing... jammies.  I had an appt earlier that required me to put clothes on, but it got cancelled.  I immediately changed back into jammies.  That's how I roll.

I am creating... honestly, nothing.  I want to work on some socks and the sweater (you know, for that colder, wetter winter we will have) but there just isnt the time.  And when there is the time, I dont have the brain.  

I am going... to the last home game for marching band season on Friday.  It will be an emotional one since it is 8th Grade Night and Senior night.  It's always hard to say goodbye to the seniors.  And it signifies the end of Marching season.  

I am wondering... when it will cool down.  I look forward to some cloudy days.  Florida Sun can be intense!

I am reading... I actually have something to post!!!  I get emails with special offers of books to download to my Kindle (which is older than dirt btw) and I focus on the free.  I downloaded Honeymooning - A Cypress Hollow Short Story.  It was a good story and when I went to check on her other books, I apparently have the first one in her series! How To Knit A Love Song.  I just need to find it. 

Meanwhile I started Five Minute Late.  All of these books are light reads, nothing life changing.  This is why I like them.  A few minutes to shut out the world and enjoy the ride of the story, no matter how unpredictable.

I miss reading.

I am hoping...for so many thing.  That we dont melt on Saturday.  That my kids have happy lives.  That I can clean out the fabric bins.  That we have cooler weather.  That those in far off lands find peace.  I figure as long as there is hope, we can do anything.

I am hearing... the hum of the bathroom fan.  It is quiet in the house and I'm enjoying it!

In my garden... I would like to start an herb garden.  Something in containers that can be moved in and out depending on what the weather is.

In my kitchen... I need to figure out what to make for dinner.  When I plan my week for food, it does make it easier to make dinner than to just stare into the fridge and be creative at 5:45pm.

A favorite quote for today...

A peek into my week... band, cleaning, PTO meeting, figuring out what to make for dinner.

One of my favorite things aka Hemi's Corner...

An oldie from 2011

If you want to play, go here.


Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Nobody gets an email from me when I leave a comment. Nobody can figure out why. Love the pic of Hemi.

Anonymous said…
Hemi is SUCH a handsome boy.

He is part of the reason I wanted a kitty of my own. Of course, sitting Shelby helped too.

I wanted a ginger kitty, but a tabby showed up. LOL

Have fun at Senior Night. I remember those days well (and fondly).

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