I blame the time change.....

My internal clock still hasn't changed to EST.  So instead of being used to waking up at 6:40 to take #1 Son to school, I am waking up at 5:40am.  Not so much fun for a night owl.  As I'm laying in bed deciding to get up or go back to sleep, the IO wakes me up.  He cant find something and hates to wake me up but he needs it for work.  I told him where it was, but being a man, he cant find it so I get up to get it.  No worries, I'm already up anyway.  What he is looking for is stored under the staircase and when he is apologizing again for getting me out of bed, I tell  him not to worry abt it, I'm alrea-   BAM!

I hit my head on the sloping part of the ceiling where the stairs are.  I hit my head HARD!  Not "wow that hurt let me keep getting what you need" hard but hard enough to see stars.  Hard enough to feel the impact and then feel my scull absorb the rest of the energy to protect my brain.  Hard enough to stand there a bit to take it all in.

Hard enough to imagine my head as a crumple zone in a tv commercial for a good quality car.


Once the stars have passed, I google what does a concussion feel like.  I didn't think I had one but I wanted to be sure.  Of course WebMD has me dying in an hour, but I ignore that part and keep reading.  I'm not nauseous or dizzy or throwing up.  I don't even have a headache.

In spite of what WebMD says, I'm gonna live.

I go back to bed but decide to stay up to make sure I'm ok.  I checked out instagram and then read a couple of chapters of my book (which according to Baby Girl you should NEVER do when you have a concussion) and since I had no symptions show up (including blurry vision) I went back to sleep.

What did slamming my head first thing in the morning do?  It made me realize that the day can only get better from here.  Even when I thought I was out of coffee (I wasnt) and half and half (I was), it wasn't a big deal.

It also proves I have a hard head!

You look fine to me.  BTW the food bowl is empty.


Anonymous said…
Cats.....they sure know how to put things in perspective...THEIR perspective.

Hope your head is okay.
Bridget said…
Yes, PLEASE attend to the food bowl - that's the important thing! :-)
Linda said…
Ouch! I'm so glad your okay Lynn. I did that one day in Walmart. I love the pic of Hemi. I think I'll send you a couple of my cats so you can do photo shoots with them.


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