Just Like That

When #1 Son was born, he was a very hands on child.  He had eczema and teething was really hard on him.  REALLY hard.  His highest fevers were just before a tooth would pop thru.  Doctors can say that fevers with teething are coinidental, but that boy NEVER had a high fever unless he was teething.

side note:  he had a high fever a couple of years ago and it really surprised me.  I happened to say to him that the only times he ever had a high fever was when he was teething.  He said he had a molar breaking thru in the back.  The next day his fever was gone and his tooth was thru.  

By the time he was two, his eczema was under control and he had all his teeth in.  He never went thru the terrible twos.  He was calm and happy.

Just like that.

When Baby Girl was born, she had to keep up with her brother.  Physically, not so much (she didnt walk until she was 13 months old, just like #1 Son) but on an intellectual level, she wanted to keep up.  I was never allowed to read to her.  SHE had to read to ME.  She didnt want to watch Blue's Clues, she wanted to watch Jimmy Neutron.  

We were very busy and then suddenly both kids were in school and things quieted down a bit.

Just like that.

I reflect on those moments in time.  Right now I am beyond busy with the majority of stuff being school related.  I'm trying to keep up with activities in middle and high school, theatre, making some side money to afford said activities, not to mention cleaning, laundry, etc.  It's alot.  Some days it feels overwhelming.  Like they will never end, but I know they will.

So while I'm slowly working on an ulcer and shopping thrift stores and driving a clunker, I am truly enjoying every minute of it.  It will be gone in a heart beat.

Just like that.


Linda said…
Love the pics of the kids.

Linda said…
What a beautiful, sentimental and heartfelt post, Lynn. You certainly have a wonderful outlook on your life. Yes, you're right..."just like that". So, don't forget to smell the roses, hug and kiss those you love at every opportunity, and dance around the house or in the rain with your life's partner. Because it will be over, before you know it, just like that. Love your post....a very gentle reminder to us all; thank you.
Dee said…
Truer words were never written.

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