NaBloPoMo Begins.....

So I've had the insane idea of joining NaBloPoMo and posting every day this month.  Why not?  I have nothing else going on in my life!!!

(insert maniacal laughter here)

Actually I plan on doing this.  Every day.  For a month.  It's you, dear readers, that will have the challenge.

What mundane drivel will she spew today??

You'll just have to tune in to find out!

It is November 1st, which means if you have a physical calendar, you should have a new picture to look at.  This is mine.

What does yours look like??

We also had the time change today.  How do you feel abt that??

I still wish they would pick a time and stick with it.  I will feel off for a week!

And while we arent much into holidays around here, we do have fun!  Friday was our last away game.  We got TROUNCED with a final score of 56-0, but us band people had a blast!!  Us parents were up dancing with our band while they played songs from the 80s.  It was the other school's homecoming so we didnt get a chance to march, but our band did play their show music.  Fantastic as always!!  Friday will be our last home game which includes Senior Night (a farewell to our seniors) and 8th Grade Night (a chance of our incoming Freshman to experience the fun and comraderie of marching band)  Baby Girl will be there.  It's very odd to think that I will have kids only in high school next year.

Saturday we met up with some friends at a local go cart establishment.  On Halloween they have half priced tix and boy was it crowded!!  I took a lot of pictures that night, but most of them are blurry (my phone does not take action shots very well) but there were a few that I liked.  This is my favorite one.

Love these kids.

Better stop rambling now if I want to have material for the upcoming week!!  If you are planning on participating in NaBloPoMo, let me know in the comments.


Kim said…
It's going to be a challenge for sure to post every day, but we can do this! :)

I have a much easier time adjusting to this time change than the one in spring. That one kicks my backside for at least 2 weeks. I guess I do easier with gaining an hour instead of losing that hour..ha!
Anonymous said…
I think I may be the only person around that LIKES Eastern Standard Time. I love cooking supper when it is dark outside. ;-)

Now if it would only cool off so I can make some soups and stews! LOL

It is so hard to believe that Baby Girl is going into high school next year. But, in reality, it should make it easier for you. Two kids going in ONE direction has got to be easier than going in different directions.

Bridget said…
I'm like Dee - I really enjoy the early darkness, because for me it means that the coziest times of year are coming.

But I also do wish it would actually cool off so it would feel like fall!
Linda said…
We are finally getting fall weather. It rained all night and its suppose to rain all week. Yeah. Love the pic of the kids.


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