Saturday Sky on a Sunday Afternoon

While I really wanted to try and post every day, I knew it was going to be hard yesterday.  Friday night was Senior Night and 8th Grade Night at the high school and Saturday was MPA, the district competition that we shoot for all season.

8th Grade night went really well.

SOOOO ready for high school!

Acting goofy.

And so did MPA. My Saturday sky while they warmed up.

#1 Son is second from the left

Speaking of warm, it was SO hot.

Check out that real feel people!!

We had one person taken to the ER and 6 or 7 others ended up in First Aid.  The majority of them were freshman who still havent gotten the concept of hydrating all week long, not just as the games.  Last year we froze, the year before that it poured.  Next year should be a hurricane (hurricane season doesnt end until the end of Nov)

Regardless of the weather they did fantastic at MPA with straight superiors.

2015 Marching Band Season is in the books.


Anonymous said…
Congrats to the band. :-)

Terri said…
Congrats!! They look great in their uniforms, too! I really miss going to all the marching band activities

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