The Life of a Sock

Back in 2005, I began to knit socks.  I started with baby socks and decided to progress to a grown up pair for myself.

I followed the instructions on the Regia 6 yarn band which said to use a size 3 needle.  They weren't tight enough and they never really fit right.  I would wear them, but they eventually would work their way to the back of the drawer as I made other socks for myself.

Fast forward to 2013.  I decide that I don't want a pair of socks that I can't wear.  I don't want to throw them out so instead I unravel it.  NOT an easy job considering I've worn and washed them enough that the yarn had felted in spots.  I press on because I am stubborn and will NOT let this yarn get the better of me!!

I rewind the yarn, cast on using size 2 needles and add some additional sport weight grey Regia  and some leftover sport weight Lorna's Laces for the heels and toes.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that....

Present day.  It is 2015 and we have had a cool front go thru that actually dropped the temps into the 60s at night.  That's when I pull out my socks.  This is what I find.


I inspect the rest of the sock and it's fine.  So I do this instead.

I cut off the offending yarn and cast on with another.  I had some left over sport weight  Knit Picks  in Cranberry (I think).  And I have a sock that should last for a little longer.

The other sock looks fine, I'm not sure why this one wore thru.  I've already looked for little bugs in the drawer and it's all clear.

These socks really are a patchwork of sorts.  I've also learned that Regia yarn wears like IRON!


Bridget said…
I love that you still have your first socks, even if they are "adapted" a little bit!
Linda said…
Oh wow Lynn. I love your recycled socks.

Anonymous said…
Fun socks and a great way to "recycle and reuse"!

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