The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Well hello there!!!  Remember me??  I used to post here.  Then life happened.  Like REALLY happened.  It's been more than a bit crazy around here.  A bipolar alcoholic who turns 50 apparently doesn't do well.

So since January we moved

and I went back to work

While some things are very different, other things have stayed the same.

Kids, band and theatre are still a constant.

*some* knitting has happened.  I'm trying to get back into some kind of schedule for me.  It's been difficult but today has been a quiet day.  No alarm was set.  I went grocery shopping, made dinner

AND dessert.  Kind of felt like old times.

I am going to try and get back into blogging again.  I'm not sure how that will go, but I will try.

There are lots of unknown things in life, but there is one thing I do know.  We will be just fine.


Linda said…
I'm so glad everything is okay Lynn. Great pic of you and the kids. How is hubby and the furbabies? I have missed your blog posts.

Bridget said…
So glad to hear from you! I'd been wondering where you'd been, and hoping all was well.

Take care, and I hope we'll hear from you again before too long.
Anonymous said…

And, yes, I am shouting!!!!
stitcherw said…
Yup, life does happen, and in ways totally unexpected. Hang in there, it does get easier, they say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and that we need the rough to more appreciate the good. True I guess, but it doesn't seem to help much when you're going through it. Make sure to set aside time for you, you'll be much better for the kids if you take care of yourself as well.

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