I Blame the Internet

I get an email from Berroco advertising a new pattern book.  Most of the time nothing really speaks to me and I delete it.

Not this time.

This one spoke to me.

I've been wanting to do this type of pattern for a long time.  Like years.  I measured a similar jacket/poncho a couple of years back when I was at Kohl's.  I couldnt decide what pattern I wanted to use or what colors or which yarn, so that scrap of paper just kept being pushed further and further into piles of projects to do.

Now I had a pattern and colors.

I bought the pattern and headed on line to figure out what yarn I wanted to use.  THAT was difficult.  Do you know how much yarn is out there?!!?!  Plus it seemed if I liked it, I couldn't afford it and if I could afford it, I didnt like it.

Until I came across LionBrand's Heartland.  Picked out colors and I was ready to go.  However I wanted to see it and feel it in person.  I'm still dropping a bit of coin on this yarn and since I will be wearing it, it has to be soft.  So off to Hobby Lobby I go!.  It's down the street from me and I knew they carried it.

I couldnt decide between these two combinations

but I finally decided on the blue combo one.  I wanted something similar to the colors chosen in the pattern.  However they didnt have enough of the dark brown so I decided to wait and check out JoAnn's so see their stock.  I was REALLY impressed that I was walking out without buying anything.  I was staying focused on the project at hand.

Then I turned around and saw this......

I think I audibly said, "Uh oh."

That's a LOT of yarn on sale 40% off.  I looked.  I pulled out.  I planned.

And then I put it all back!  Nothing really spoke  to me.  I could have bought some yarn for kitty blankets or charity hats, but I already have so much yarn for that I didnt feel the need to get it.  So I walked away.

Plus it helped that there was no sock yarn in the bins.

JoAnn's has enough of what I need so I will go back on Monday to take advantage of the sufficient amount, the 25% off sale AND my coupons.  Pictures to be posted as I go.


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