Productive Saturday Sky with Bullet Points!

*I consider Monday the end of Summer Break.  Monday starts Theatre Camp.  Two weeks later Band Camp starts.  Band camp and theatre camp overlap.  They overlap to a point where during the last week of both camps,  they start at 9AM and won't be home until 9pm.  Long and busy days they will be.  Two days later school starts.  Both camps will be over, but a different theatre show will start rehearsals AND marching band season begins.  I'm not too sure how this is all going to play out, but we're going to try.   My calendars (yes plural) are up and ready to go.

Now you see why I consider this to be the last wknd of summer.

*Today is being spent getting things done inside.

Gorgeous day outside

but WAYYY too hot to be out in it.

Laundry is being done, kitchen is being cleaned.  Dinner will consist of left overs so the fridge is being cleaned out as well.  Paper work is being sorted.  Bills are being paid.  I'm hoping to put together a list of dinners to make during the next 4 weeks or so.  I'm trying to avoid drive thru food as much as possible.  

*Knitting is happening here at Apartment Living.  

Cat blanket finished up in June

bow for a JoAnn's kid class

Summer Coasters - made during an Open House at JoAnn's

Another sample for a JoAnn's class.  No pattern was given for this class so I made one up.  It highlights increasing and decreasing stitches.  

I started this last night and hope to finish it tonight.

It's a baby Jester Hat from Knitting For Peace

*Last but not least, there is another licensed driver in the family.

#1 Son is now officially licensed to drive!  This comes in handy considering the upcoming weeks.  HE will be dropping me off and picking me up from work while he and Baby Girl do their thing.  Totally could use another car at this point, but we will make due for now.  

Had to go out and celebrate!

Hemi is not impressed with any of this.


Linda said…
Makes me tired just reading about your weeks ahead Lynn. Thanks for all of the Hemi pics.


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